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Should I use the Minion Method tomorrow?

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Now that I have a charcoal basket, I am wondering if I should use the minion method tomorrow smoking my 10 lb. beef brisket? I bought a 40 lb. bag of Frontier Lump Charcoal at Sam's yesterday for $14 and I have my Hickory Chunks soaking. I would like to know the best way to maintain my temp at 240 degrees F. Here is my basket.:

Thanks in advance. I have a chimney and use the gas to start it. I was thinking about trying the Minion method.
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Yes of course you should.

The best way to maintain temp is to install a stoker unit IMHO. Other than that the only answer is to keep your eye on the temp and your hand on the damper.

Why Frontier and not Royal Oak? Or does RO make Frontier too.
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What kind of smoker are you using?
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From the pic he posted it looks like an offset to me.
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Thanks, it really sucks when I'm at work because our firewall blocks almost all the pics posted on this forum so I don't get the luxury of seeing them. icon_mad.gif

I'd say give it a try just to see if you like it. It is a tried and true method and the only one I use anymore.
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Char-Griller Duo w/SFB

I have aChar-Griller Duo w/SFB. I did a mod adding the basket this morning. As far as why I bought the Frontier Lump Charcoal......I was at Sam's and they only had Frontier and it seemed a pretty good price at 40 lbs. for $14.
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Yup.... minion is the way to go for smoking. Long, slow, steady burns. biggrin.gif
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Good Buy, I am sure you will like it!
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