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baby back quickie

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hey guys i have usally done my ribs in 3-2-1 method i wanna try no foil how long should i smoke for at what temp. i kno this answer is on here some were but im only around this computer for liek 25 min

thanks alot guys
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I usually dont foil my ribs... @225 Baby backs i do about 4.5 hours... Spares 5.5 or 6hrs...
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I never wrap my ribs and smoke the baby backs at 225 deg.F for about 4 to 4.5 hours, depending on the size.

I tried Jeff's rub recipe recently and that went over pretty well, we didn't even need sauce!
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One time I did some beef ribs with no foil, I can't remember exactly how long but I would guess 4-5 hrs. and all it had was rub on it.
I did baby back also with no foil & rub only and I think it ws about the same time. Just keep checking the meats internal temp. with an instant read thermometer until done. Good luck and let us know & post qview !

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Do u. Guys spritz will apple juice or just let er smoke?
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