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Feeding large amounts people

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Does anybody have a good idea of how many pounds of pork butts feed how many people, or atleast a good rule of thumb? What about ribs as well? Thanks in advance.
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For butts figure a yield of 50% of raw weight to start with then track it and see where you personally end up. If catering figure a 1/4 lb per sandwich. If for friends I figure 1/3 lb per sandwich. Ribs would depend on the kind and honestly I haven't done enough big rib smokes to help you with that one
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Just a Thought!

I generally do a 1/2 pound of meat per person. Seems to have worked out for me in the past and I had about 5 pounds of meat left over from 150 people.
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In regards to the ribs I would say:
1 rack spare ribs/2.5 persons
1 rack baby back/2 persons
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