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Poison food.

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Was reading random facts on the web and thought this would be something people might find handy here. I personally never new any of this and thought it was a rather interesting read.

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That's Nuts, I mean literally. biggrin.gif
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That is very interesting info, most of those I didn't even have a clue about. Thanks for the article.
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That was an interesting read thank you
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The leaves on Rhubarb are also poisonous... So are the seeds in Peaches and Apricots as they contain Cyanide.
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Actually, peach and apricot seeds contain an arsenic compound called vitamin B-17. Many people believe it has cancer fighting qualities. My black lab came down with bone cancer 2 years ago and 6 weeks to live. I bought a bag of apricot seeds online for 15 bucks and fed them to her. Shes hanging out in the back yard right now. She still has a gimp but the tumor shrunk a bunch. Google B-17 and check it out. God has a cure for everything.
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Sixty-one years old and I should be dead, ...we had an almond tree in the back yard and from the time I was a child until I left home at 18 my dad would collect 6-7 gunny sacks full of almonds every year, we ate every single one of them raw.

Kinda hard to believe the almond thing.

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