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That's pretty good PigPen.... We just had a local 'Children's Center' do a BBQ sale:

"Pre-order a Dry Rubbed, Slow Cooked 6-8 lb Pork Butt - $30"
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I am doing it again next weekend. Not nearly as many to cook this time, should be able to get these done in one day.
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I have a hard enough time with just one or two!

Did you foil all those bad boys?

I know this next questions sounds dumb, but what is taking a pork butt through the danger zone mean? I though the danger zone was when the meat fell below a certain temp?

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41 to 135 is considered the danger zone for temp controlled foods.
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Hey there.  Let me say first what an amazing job.  I was hoping that my very first post would be my similar story after the church fundraiser I am doing this weekend in Tucker, GA....  but when I saw this I just had to reply.


I am hunting for any suggestions at all....  I have been smoking for about 10 months or so and have a lot of fun and some pretty good success, especially with butts.. so naturally when it came time I was asked to help out.  This is obviously my first big smoke, but I do have a lot of people lined up and {Think} I have planned out every detail.


As of right now, we are going to be smoking 110 ~6# butts.  I am borrowing a fantastic (well seasoned) custom-built vertical smoker that will hold around 40 each smoke.


Of the 110, 60 of them are pre-sold.  We are actually going to smoke those and deliver cold on Sunday afternoon.


The church has great ovens, so the plan is to basically run three different rounds, and run smoke on the butts for about 6-8 hours each and then juice, wrap and finish in the oven.  There is a lunch and a "By the Pound" sale on Sunday.  For that final round we will fire the smoker up Sunday morning and transfer the finished meat back to the smoker for effect mainly.


I guess the question is...  what do you think about that???  I have tested one or two at home with the pre-cook, wrap and refrigerate method, and they were pretty good.


I was planning to rub mine a bit, but I did have a similar situation with "older" people in the church and now I am wondering if I need to back off a bit.


Any help or advice from anyone would be more than appreciated.  Thanks in advance.




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I have finished them in the oven in the past with no issues.  If you foil them to finish in the oven your bark will be soft.  If you keep them too long in the oven then the meat gets mushy like it was boiled so keep the oven time precise till the internal is 195.

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Thanks PigPen.  Good advice.  If interested, here is the link to my post after this weekend's fundraiser...


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So what did you do Saturday afternoon   good job 

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I have since done it again.  My new charcoal basket made it much easier.  Almost 4hrs of cooktime without checking.    I will start a thread new thread about that cook.

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