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Doesn't look like a Lang, but it could be an older model
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I don't think so...Langs have bars going up the warming box, and a dome over the smoke stack (which is hard to see in this pic). also the handles are wrong.......could still be worth looking at for sure if the price is right I didn't even look
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Handles and wheels are different from a Lang, I belive I also see a plug in the front end of the rounded end cap. Nice looking though and the price ain't bad either
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I don't think its a Lang the stack is wrong. If it was a six month old Lang it would have flat ends. Four racks in the cooking chamber doesn't sound right nor does the double doors look right for a Lang. It may be a good smoker but not a Lang
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Ah yes- the ever common Lang-a-like. I thought at first that it might have been a 1st or 2nd generation Lang, but as was pointed out the handles, stack and box are different, plus there is no wood basket on the front.
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I think that's one of those Beam Custom Smokers....From what I have heard they aren't built too well....They also sell for less than $2000 on their site.
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I do believe you nailed it
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