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Pulled pork ?

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I have a couple 8-9# buts maybe shoulders can't remember anyways about 17#'s worth. I want to do pulled pork for fishing opener. My dilema is I can't start the smoke until 6pm thursday then the meat has to be coolerd all day Friday in the truck while I am at work. Then take the drive to the cabin. It will be served on Saturday.

I was wondering if I could smoke to lets say180ish then wrapped cooled then finnished on the grill to 205 come Saturday?
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Have you thought about cooking it till its finished and then Saturday warm them real slow in the grill or smoker? I think that would probably be your best option
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That would be ideal

I would like to do that but time is an issue. So my thinking was to cook to a point of foil let it cool then Ice up the cooler before heading to work. At 160-70 the meat is cooked so I am not woried for being safe I just hate to ruin all that meat?

Looking for your thoughts
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very nice!!!!
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Does the location your heading to have electricity? Can you bring a crock pot or ask a buddy to and finish it slow in there? you can put it on low and fish while it finishes...
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Yes I do have a large electric roaster

I was planning on just using this to keep warn while serving. I never gave thought to using it to fininsh the cook.

Do you think seperating the cook this way will toughin the meat or affect the taste much?
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If the ultimate goal is pulled pork........shredded........, then I think jrsmith80 said it right.

Finish it off to 200 degs, then just heat it up on Saturday. You can even shred it before hand and place it in a pan, then heat it up at the cabin.
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Well im not sure... IMO Pulled pork is one of those smoked meals that still taste great on the re-heat... if your bringing a crock pot why not finish it all the way at home pull it & wrap it up and just use the crock pot to reheat it? this way your garunteed some good pulled pork...
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I only have a MAX 12hr to cook at home, I am afraid this is not enough time to bring it to 200+..

Problem I opened my mouth while work was slow now I am busy
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I hear ya... yeah cant risk it 12 hr will probably not be enough... transporting and finishing in the crock pot shouldnt be a problem... my bro does it often... he likes to dump a can of rootbeer in when he finishes it in the crock pot... it cooks down after a few hours and makes for a sweet n smokey pulled pork... mmmm
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Smoke to around 160-170, pull them off,chill in ice to 41, wrap in saran wrap or film then tin foil. When you get to camp put in oven at 200-225 and bring and bring to the temp you want. I have finished them in the oven at 360, but you need to remove the film and double wrap in foil.
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