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Maverick ET-73

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Got frustrated trying to find a local dealer for the Maverick ET-73. Keep looking on ebay, but the dealers there are all over the place with their shipping rates. And the costs are not consistent. I contacted Maverick Industries about buying for resale and got the following reply:


Thanks for your interest in Maverick ET-73. The wholesale price would be
$30.00/ea. We have a $200.00 minimum.See attached catalog and reseller
set up forms.

We are currently out of ET-73 until July.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Darren Keller
Sales Manager - Barbecue Accessories

Maverick Industries, Inc

Not being a retailer with a federal tax ID#, I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to be the retailer and get a few of us the ET-73's for a good price. Any takers out there. PM me if you want the info I got.
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Just do Amazon and forget it. You're not going to miss the low price by much and what small difference there may be isn't worth all the fuss and bother. I think the last I saw at Amazon was something like $35.
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Amazon it

I had it in a week.
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Close. Just checked Amazon...$35.95 + $4.99 shipping....that's not out of line for the et-73...I think I paid $38 on ebay when I found one on "sale"

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Amazon would be the quickest way. Don't worry about those extra few bucks. Shipping is gonna get you, one way or the other.
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Yep. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif If Maverick's wholesale price is $30 then Amazon isn't too out of line with their price, that's for sure.

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It does not help right at this moment but watch the hardware stores toward the end of summer and fall. I bought et 73 last fall when Westlake Hardware was changing out there seasonal dept. (19.99) Clearance. I also picked up a et 72 the year before at the same place for about that same price.

They had stainless chicken leg/thigh holders for 9.99.

The beer chicken holders for 2.99

I might suggest looking at the stores in the lower income area's. I am not knocking anyones lifestyle here but it seems that this store I frequent seems to not sell alot of fancy bbq supplies, meaning they are left at the end of the season and get clearance priced.
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Got mine from Amazon. Didn't mind a few extra $$ because they have a good return policy.
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Got mine off fleabay not long ago for 39 bucks including shipping.
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I just bought 3 off of Amazon, like 107.00 and free shipping. So about 35ish each to the house. No complaints about that here.

Had them in 3 days.
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Has Maverick worked out the problems with these things? I went through 2 of them in a week last year. Took them back to local dealer and money was refunded but the ones I had were junk and dealer quit stocking them ( I wasn't the only one that got bad ones). Just wondwering if they have made any improvements in their quality control.
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i have 3 one is over 6 years old all beat up but know problems on any of them
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I just had one of mine that went bad. The transmitter unit, the one that you have to take the back off of.
The on/off switch went bad. I managed to get the unit to turn on, so last time I took one of the batteries out to shut it off. Now I hope all I have to do is put the battery in to turn it on.
I heard of other people having this problem, just thought it was a fluke, but now I see that these switches are pretty flimsey. I think from now on I will just take a battery out instead of using the switches.
Has anyone else had any problems with thier switches on the ET-73's?
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Just bought the ET-73 off Amazon for $35.97 and free shipping! icon_cool.gif
Also bought 2 rib racks and a charcoal starter.
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Hey guys, can anybody tell me if there is a difference between the Maverick ET-73 and the ET-7? I just checked Amazon and they only list the ET-7 for $39.99. No mention of the ET-73 at all. Is this the new and improved model?
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The reviews for the ET-7 are less favorable saying that it has a very short range.

Here's the ET-73 at Amazon (it looks like the price has gone up some since I bought mine -- maybe you can find it somewhere else for less):
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Not sure about the difference. If you go to Mavericks website the ET-7 is more expensive than the rest. I just ordered a ET-7 today for $39.99 and free shipping. 50% off and I had a gift card to boot. I'm a happy camper. biggrin.gif
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That's a great deal even if the remote doesn't reach more than 5 feet! It's totally worth it just to have the 2 sensors.
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my UDS is about 15 feet away from my keyboard so yes I'm happy. biggrin.gif
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