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New guy w/ a dream

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As stated in the title.... I'm a total "newb" to this. I'm planning to build myself a smoker. Not sure what classification it would go under though.

I plan to use 2 drum, 1-55 for the meat and 1 30 for the fire box (placed underneath. Still in the research/scrounging stages but, hopes of having complete by early-mid summer.

Any shortcuts/links you could provide to send me in the right direction would be great.... I'm currently using the search button/browsing.

Thanks, Chris
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Hello chric, that's a good start. I was thinking about a 55 and a 1/2 55 gallon.
Let us know how it'ds goin.

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Well chris you have a good drum. Have you looked into the UDS's here for there are alot of folks here that just love theses smokers and it's pretty darn easy and cheap to make them so before you build I would maybe go into chat and ask some of the folks how they like theirs. Oh yea UDS= ugly drum smokerPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here's an idea I was messing around with.
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I have read a couple of the UDS threads and they are very appealing for a first attempt. I'm liking the extra cooking area of that design you got going there etcher1.... I may have to barrow thaticon_smile.gif.
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drums are thick enough that they make good uds smokers, when trying to make an offset you end up with a very flimsy door usually, people will take a sheet of 1/8 metal and weld it to the inside about 2-3 inches larger than the door hole they plan to cut, this gives it more strength and stability, otherwise I have seen some done where they cut the barrell all the way in half from top to bottom, that way you can run a piano hinge all along the back, by using 1/2 x 1/8 angle iron around the cut edges they were able to get a much stronger unit with better sealing ability, one was welded the other simply had a couple 1/4 inch bolts holding the angle on.
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Here is two that I built when I first started out. I knew nothing at all at the time, I didn't even know that the message boards existed. It was trial and error the whole way. They are in order the way I built them. And the last is present day. The second was an attempt at a double wall semi insulated rig, it turned out pretty all right except for the fire box. Any ways I started sorta small and grew big time, now I am in a UDS and it is a wonderful world now.

These fatties are very large, at least as big as a large pork shoulder as far as foot print space on the grate. The chicken holder is 6"x6" and you can see there is still a fare amount of space left, and this is just one grate. I would never want to discourage your build, just to let you know that after all I have built I sure wish I had tried the UDS when I started out. When I build a new style other then this it will be a stump's clone.

Good luck with which ever way you go, and please don't forget to post us build pics and such.

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I've been giving it a bit of thought and thinking the standard UDS Is gonna be the route I'm gonna go for my first build. I got a good hookup for some barrels, so I think I'm gonna get me a couple and get to work. Thanks for all the good info so far... feep'em coming. I'm like a sponge here, taking it all in.

Thanks again, Chris
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I'am in the middle of two frig and a trailer build. So if you desire go for it, but you will definitely want to build one of the regular ones!biggrin.gif
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I was surfin around tonight and stumbled across this site. If you decide to go this route there is a printable template right on the site for the cut out of the bottom barrel.

Here is a pretty cool link as well. For different pipe size and different angle cut outs. Could be rather handy for the funny angle smoke stacks.
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Well, my drum is on the way!!! A co-workers' dad is getting me a freebie from his work. It was used for ethanol... should make for an easy clean out. It should be here by the weekend and I will start my build thread in the UDS section.

I also got me a lead on a 120gal.($75) propane tank. I'm hoping to take my time and do a RF build over the summer. I'm thinking maybe a small trailer.

Thanks again, Chris
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