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Cleaning the lid

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For those that have used the flat lid from the 55 gallon drum for their UDS, what did you do to clean it? I have a drum that held one part of a foam compound that I will burn out. I saw someone mention sticking the lid on while doing the burnout may warp it. Is there a better way to clean the inside of the lid off? Thanks a lot.
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just a thought u could set the lid aside and burn it with a wheat burner or

u could use a hand held map torch

hope this helps
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Wire brush wheel on a angle grinder. Ya get it to hot an it's gonna warp an not fit right.
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yep you use grinder with abrasive or wire cup.
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A map gas torch will warp it!! Mine did...had to put draw latches on it to hold it down. A wire wheel or a dual action sander will work the best. No quick and easy fix here,sorry.
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Thanks everyone. I'm not too worried about quick, just want it done correctly. I plan to burn 3 pallets in the drum itself but didn't know what to do about the lid. I'll have to locate an angle gridner and wire brush somewhere.
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Try good deals on reconditioned tools.
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rub some oil of a towel..thats whats i use
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Spray it with oven cleaner and let it set a while, then hose it off.
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