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Finally Done QVeiw

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Yesterday I started a 4.88 pork blade in shoulder at 9:45 am (yes I know that is late, but I over slept lol). At the 4 hour mark it was at 147, then the stall of stalls. in about the next 5 hours in went from 147 to 165. After that is moved along ok. I took it off the smoker at 200 and the time was 9:45.

I let it rest then pulled it. It was falling apart on it's own and was very juicy. I put it in the fridge, well did eat a little, and we had it for dinner tonite was good

The Product


Ready for bed

Right before smoker

After resting



Thanks for looking
12 hours later
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Looks like you've got a NC-style sammie going on there. smile.gif

Judging by the bark, I'm guessing that you didn't foil it at all while it was cooking. It looks really awesome pulled -- did you hit it with a finishing sauce, or was it that juicy on its own?

I might refrain from foiling mine next time. Thank you for sharing!
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yep no foil we love the bark. The pulled pic is before the finishing sauce
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nice looking pulled pork. I bet it tasted even better
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Man that looks awesome moist too
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Mouthwatering! That's all I've got to say for it.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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nice..perfect!!! i love the slaw with celery seeds!!! yum
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Oh, man -- I'm sold! No foil next time for me. Thank you!
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Pulled pork has gotta be one of my favorite dishes. You just can't go wrong with it.

I like the "No Foil" theory. My wife and I fight over the bark.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks awesome!! Last time I did PP I didn't foil either. I loved it. I will never foil one again! points.gif
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You know, if you don't foil, won't it fall apart in your hands while removing it from the smoker???

Great looking pork.
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You do have to be careful removing it from the smoker lol
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