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Turkey Breast

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I'm thinking a boneless turkey breast from the freezer for company coming in for graduation. I will probably make sandwiches from it. I have apple wood and I am thinking a honey glaze. Should I brine? How high temp? Thanks for any help>
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Brine yes. Id cook it at 225-250 til it hits 160 then foil and rest for a bit. I did a Bone in turkey yesterday and it was super juicy and tender.
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I would agree with Brian brine then smoke at 225-250. Normally I smoke poultry at around 325 but since your slicing for sandwiches I would rather have more smoke flavor and not worry about the skin texture which will probably be like rubber at 225 I'd just take it off and discard it after smoking
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Sounds good. How long do you usually brine it?
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I agree with both of the two above me. Take it maybe 155° and then wrap it with foil and let it rest for maybe a half an hour. The carry over temp will raise to 160°. Then slice. I wouldn't brine it but if you decide to use the slaughter house brine and only let it soak for a 2-3 hours for you don't want to water log it.
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I usually do it the night before if I want to start early am. If its going to be later then I have done it the morning of. but atleast 2-4 hours I would say.
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I did two last weekend. I didn't brine them, but I injected them with melted butter flavored with garlic powder and creole seasoning. I also laid a couple of bacon strips over them while they cooked. They were fantastic. It's a good method if you don't have the time (or are too lazy like me) to brine. Also, like others have said, pull it a few degrees shy of your desired temp and let it take a half hour foil nap before slicing.

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I agree with the above poster I have done the same things. Just don't use anything dark in your injection like black pepper, or you will get tracks in the white meat, unless you are like me and it doesn't matter.
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I took the plunge and brined it last night using pink salt (cure) juniper and cubab berries and some cajun seasoning. This AM I fired up Maude and got it going with hickory and a touch of mesquite. I injected butter and cajun under the skin and am basting with same. I also threw in a pork shoulder and a brisket flat (It is what I had) It is a great day for smoking here in tornado alley. Light rain and no wind. Temps are holding well. Pics on the way! Click thumbnail for show.

Sorry it is blurry I took it with my phone

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