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Chillie grill

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Hi again,
wanted to know what diameter the whols are ina chillie grill i have some leftover heavy gauge stainless sheet metal at work and with a good whole saw and a brake i figured i could make one up real quick so i could try these out
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Are you refering to a holder for the jalapeno peppers when people make ABT's?

If so I would guess about 1". Grab some jalapeno's from the store cut them ad their widest point and measure with a ruler. Get an average then reduce you hole size by about 1/8-1/4"
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I would say to do like Jay said to go and look at the jalapenos are in your neck of the woods. Ours here in Fla and are pretty big most of the times so I would say maybe a 1" hole or maybe a 3/4" hole might just work. I would go look first or you could make two and use different size holes.
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ok thanx alot so much info on this site in gonna weigh like 900lbs by the time i get to try out all this stuff
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I don't know the size of the holes, but I but two ABT holders from Sportsman's Warehouse for something like $10.00 each. They hold 21 jalapenos. Good stuff!
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I just measured mine and it is 1 1/16th " . Hope this help!!
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Mine measures out at 1". Get the Budda Jals or they will fall through. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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