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Smoker Shopping

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Hello all, I am looking into another smoker, I currently have a 3405GOSM and I am working on a reverse flow.
I want to replace my faithful GOSM with a wider one, I have searched for the "big block" and here is what I found, any one have this model, it has great reviews.
And if anyone has this Model what Mods have you done?

The Great Outdoors™ Smoky Mountain Series™ Propane Gas Smoker
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I just got one of these a few weeks ago and already consider it a great improvement over the 30" MES it replaced. The only mod I have done is to ditch the included wood chip/chunk box, and the rack it sits on in favor of a 10" cast iron skillet. The skillet fits perfectly into the raised rim that encircles the brass burner, and it gets your wood much closer to the flame. When I was researching this model one of the most common complaints from owners was that this model didn't produce enough smoke. The cast iron skillet mod effectively fixes this glitch. So, go ahead and pull the trigger on purchasing the GOSM Big Block. You won't regret it.

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do you know what the INSIDE measurements are, and does yours leak smoke around the door, I know its an easy fix to seal the door, but was curious.
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