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my new cooking set

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my new cast iron cooking set from barbecook

the chest is almost too heavy to bear
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Wow! That's awesome!
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That does look interesting .I want to switch over to cast iron too.We had a lead awareness training and one thing the instructor mentioned was that he had got rid of every pan that wasn't made from iron.He got into how iron is needed to make red blood cells and how other metals (Aluminum , lead ,mercury and different coatings) over take or replace the iron we need to make the red blood nice cook set and I'm in the market for some soon.Bill biggrin.gif

Dat ziet er interessant. Ik wil overschakelen naar too.We ijzer gegoten had een voorsprong bewustwording opleiding en de instructeur een ding gezegd was dat hij verlost van elke pan die niet is gemaakt van iron.He ben in hoe strijkijzer nodig om rode bloedcellen te maken en hoe andere metalen (aluminium, lood, kwik en andere coatings) over te nemen of vervang het ijzer moeten we de rode bloedcellen leuke kok set maken en ik ben in de markt voor sommige binnenkort. Bill
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Good Start in your Iron collection!
But, it looks like it all needs to be seasoned. I put a post a while back about proper hi temp seasoning. I love using iron with my smoker!
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damn.............very nice!
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Geert, that's a nice cast iron selection. Season them well and you will enjoy them for many years. A simple fried egg is always better on the cast iron. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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;ove my cast iron!!!! you will too!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks like a real nice set! Some of my cast iron is from the early 1900s and is still in perfect working order. With proper care, you have a lifetime of cooking utensils.
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Very nice there geert. It was nice of them to send you some good looking wood to smoke with too. But I don't know thats a pretty good looking box thou. So I see your threads will change a bit to some dutch oven cooking too. Man a whole new world has opened for you too.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif I can't wait to see what you will do now
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Nice set wish I could use mine but not on the electric glass top stoveicon_neutral.gif
You won't wear them out very soon!
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You can't use cast iron on a electric glass top stove? I didn't know that. What is the problem with doing so?
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I dont know...i do. I am careful not to bash in my stove top...but thats about it. Moved into the place and the range stayed...with glass cooktop. Nobody ever told me not to! No problems with it...other than the seasoning on the bottom of pans can leave some burnt reside on the surface. Most of it comes off...but i do have some stuff i cant get off. Oh well, im a bachelor so i have nobody to yell at me.
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That is an awesome set Geert. Now what you need to do is send that over here to me, through international shipping of course, so that I can season them properly & make sure your cooks will taste good with them. It should take me about 5 years or so but I will have the results for you afterwards.
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awsome..thats new too me..enjoy
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