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thanks Dutch

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My camera was not working, but I made your baked bean recipe for mothersday. My mes broke, so I had to use the ecb for the meat and did not have room for the beans, so I baked them. They were to die for. My family loved them, and I will never go back to regualr baked beans. Thanks so much Dutch.
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Hmmm... No Q/View... says the camera broke... We'll let this one slide this time.

Glad to hear they turned out. I've made them also with good results.

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Only if samples are wrapped, packaged, freeze dried & sent to the address that I sent to you in a PM. biggrin.gif
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brokenwing, glad that you and your family loved them. No harm in having to use the oven, that's how I develope my recipes that I use for dutch oven compititions and how I developed my bean recipes. When I get the recipes to where I like them, then I do them in the d.o.'s or the smoker and tweek 'em from there.
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