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Skirt Steak Confusion

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Are there different types of skirt steak? I have seen "Skirt Steak", "Plate Skirt Steak", and a few others in the store, but I can't find any information about these other types of cuts.

Also we bought a skirt steak a while ago, but we can't remember what it was called. It was "<something> Skirt Steak" and I think it was something to imply which end it came from... like chain skirt, or something. Any ideas?

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I prefer "mini-skirt" steak icon_wink.gif

I think it all comes from the same place on the cow but I am no expert.
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Lol... For the record the one I can't remember the name of was one of the best pieces of meat I have ever tasted.
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LOL, don't know how old you are, but "Mini-skirts" were from back in my day-----The hot '60s.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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I've also seen "flat iron" steaks. Are those the same as skirt steaks?
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Isn't a flat iron like a flank steak? I use flank steak instead of skirt steak sometimes.
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Check out:

Reading the fine print on the chart, you will find flat iron steaks coming from the chuck. A clever way to market chuck at a higher price.
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A flat iron I believe is part of the chuck. As far as skirt steak, there is also a flank steak, The skirts will always cost ya more. biggrin.gif
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It seems then there are two basic skirt steaks then... Inside and Outside. Anyone else have any other terms that are used to describe skirt steaks?
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Maybe "hanger steak", (I think ?)

Anyway, as long as it tastes good that's the final call !

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If you've ever trimmed spareribs, you know what the skirt steak is.. it's the flap of meat you remove separating the rib bones from the cartilage down the center of the sparerib. On a steer, the plate is the equivalent and the skirt is the same piece. It's the diaphram muscle.
The hanger steak is also part of the diaphram muscle and hangs off the end of the loin off the flank (right next to the plate). Here are some links that further explain the diaphram muscle:
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The Flat Iron steak comes from the top chuck. In the picture below it is the front muscle above the blade bone (in the circle) with a membrane cutting thru the middle of it. It is a plus and minus kind of steak; the top blade meat is very tender but the grizzle separating it is as equally opposite as tough.

Here's an explanation of it:
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