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First smoke with qview

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Well here we go first smoke i just dropped ribs in the smoker after pulling membrane rubbed with a commericial rub.
This rub was very salty wished i had tasted it before i used it.My wife suggested that i go to SMF to get rub recipie seeing how ive been glued here for 2 days lol, so i used a rub from this site these two look much better
I had to cut these down to fit in my smoker hope i didnt hurt them. these pics are after they were in fridge all nite.
I put these into my MES at 225f and thats where im at now watching the TBS gently waft from my smoker hope these babys come out all righ will add more when its time to foil. Any secrets to getting that nice dark coloring i see you guys getting on your ribs?

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Looks like a good start Bill...can't wait for the results shots!
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Foiling pic question do you guys keep the smoke going during the foiling and finishing of your ribs?
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I keep the smoke going when my ribs are foiled and for the last hour but just because I have a UDS and what ever is still in the basket will continue to burn but if I am on my propane ring I wouldn't add more chips if they run out when the ribs are in the foil.
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At last the finished product. Not to bad fro my first time as good as any ive gotten from smokey bones would have liked a little more smoke on them but happy with first effort
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Congrats - keep tweeking and experimenting and you will find what you like.
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Looks pretty good for yur first time out. As far as the color it is a function of time under smoke and sugars in the rub carmalizing as far as my thinking goes. Different woods will give deeper color also. I prefer Pecan and oak or apple. Good job!
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Looks like a pretty good to me. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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they look fine to me
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Those look fantastic to me, nice and moist looking great job! Salt or sugar in a rub will give more bark, no salt or sugar will give a deeper smoke ring from my past experiences.
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