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Making ABT's and reheating?

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I've got a company picnic next weekend, and I was going to bring some ABT's. However, I won't be able to do them the day of. I was curious if and how you would tackle this. I haven't had much luck reheating ABT's in the past, but if there's ever any left it's one or two, and I just put them in the microwave. How would a batch hold up being reheated in the oven??

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Edit: it's a picnic, not a pickup, lol
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That's a good question, as I always seem to cook more ABT's than necessary - as if that's possible? biggrin.gif

I've been just re-heating them at home or work in a microwave oven - and they're never as good as when the first come off the CG. However, I don't know of a better way to do it a day or two after the original cook?
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I've never tried reheating but if you have leftovers...try them cold right out of the fridge...AWESOME!
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They never seem to reheat as good as when they come off fresh.
Best way I have found is reheated on the smoker, offset on a grill would probably work too but other than that I haven't found a really good way to reheat them.
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You are correct they are never as good reheated but I have had pretty good success reheating them in the oven. They seem to get pretty soggy if you reheat them in the microwave.
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When I bring into work for lunches I warm them up in a crock pot.
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I think the reason reheated ABTs kind of turn some people off is that the bacon gets limp. If you could reheat them in an oven then pop them under a broiler for a few minutes to crisp the bacon, that would be work good, I think.

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I was hoping for a new and better way to re-heat the ABt's for I haven't found a good way yet and we just eat them right out of the refrig. Now the broiler sounds pretty good to me. I really don't care for the micro that much.
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