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Dumb kid

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My son loves my smoked pork loins so yesterday he brought me a half loin to smoke for him. It was one of those pre marinated $3.99/# rip-offs. He just yanked it out of the packaging and put it in the smoker, not even any rub on it. It came out very juicy and with a great smoke ring, but other than that it was at best so-so. Hardly any smoke flavor to it. A $1.79/# rubbed loin would have 10 times as good. First and last time for me on one of those things. What a waste of money and smoke.
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Stinks it came out sub par but at least your son is trying and you two hopefully got to spend some time together.
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That's the way to learn.

At least with cooking, mistakes are still ediblebiggrin.gif
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In most cases!biggrin.gif
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