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nice wheel bracket! i need to do that to mine.
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That is an awsome looking (not so Ugly) UDS. I really like all the mods too, surprized you didn't put some of those hydrolic things like on the back hatches of mini vans, on it to raise and hold it up when you empty the ashes. lol
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I had not seen casters like these until this weekend, they have roller blade wheels. I figure if I blow one out I will just tell the kids if they want to eat they are gonna have to sacrifice a wheel for the cooker.

duck killer, I cheated and used 2x3x3/16 angle for the end the caster bolts to. I did have to cut the inside of the web, bend it and re-weld it back at the correct angle.

OMG my wife would flip out if I was to have the only smoker with-in miles with hydraulics. I can see it now, unlatch the drum from the cart and whoosh the drum lifts up 18" to clean the ash. BTW those aren't cheep, I had to buy two when I built the door for a tool box on my mowing trailer. I squealed like a little pig when I found out how much they were. But since they hold the lid up above my head and I don't have to hold it, it was worth it.
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haha! icon_lol.gif
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Great Job Tom37PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. Very well documented in your photo album... answered a lot of questions I was gonna ask you about it.

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howdy neighbor

Wow you've given me some good ideas Tom, I've got a barrel I just need to find a lid and then I can get started.
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Tom37 Very cool build,,,good job that is what I need on the wheels. good build and good pics...great for some one that has not built a UDS...
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Thanks okie joe,

I have a love for welding and creating. My trouble is, to put it on paper or computer is tough. Most of the time I get an idea of what I want, in general. Then I just fly by the seat of my pants and go with it. Just like with this project, I had never welded stainless so I did a little more research, bought the rod and went after it. Run a couple beads, try to destroy them, if I couldn't make them fail then I jump into my project.

The drum was planned to be basic simple to see if I even liked cooking on it. As you can see somewhere I forgot the K.I.S.S. method. Like I told my wife at least I don't have a hobby of race cars. Welders and smokers are cheap compared to race cars. Lucky her.
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Hey Tom is that lid from the 29$ grill at big lots? And did you have to mod it to make it fit? My drum measures 23 and 3/4 straight across from outside to outside, and were you able to use the cooking grate that came with it as well? Sorry if you posted the info i didnt see it

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This is the lid that came with the big lots grill. It did fit with out any mods at all and yes I used the cook grate as well, its kinda lightweight but it works.



This is the bottom of the grill, you can see the lip and then to the right side you can see a flat edge. I put a 2x4 in my vise and tried my hand at metal shaping. Once I got it good and flat I set it on the drum and with a rubber mallet I gently tapped round and round as i held the top in place. After 3 trips around it looked like it was made that way, except for the missing paint.



I just ran outside and measured the drum 22 3/4 right on. The kettle bottom is almost not big enough so you have to make sure that the lid is centered well before bending the lip downward. Right now I am trying to figure a clever way to make a rain hat for the 4 vent holes and also a damper so I can shut down the air 100 % since after the last cook I closed up the vents and went on. 4 hours later I noticed the temp gauge was at 125, It got enough air thru the top vents to keep the coals on a super slow burn. I laid my weld glove over the hole and the temps dropped like right now. I hope this helped.

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So how much would you say it has cost you to build this, total?

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Thanks for the help Tom thats a big help, hey do you still have the original lid that came with the barrel? Wait let me think my lid has a 2inch air pipe on it and when i put lid on and close all three air valves it kills my fire nicely and saves the fuel so i would think that those holes in top would not be a problem hmmm i wonder if air is getting in yours somewhere? but if you have the flat lid maybe you could put that on to kill the fire?

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Sorry jeff and pan I think I missed both of your post. OPPS.


Jeff, I have 30 in the grill, 30 in the 2 55 gal drums, 1 extra grate at 15 bucks, pipe fittings, bolts and such I am sure came in under 25.


So I would have to say that I could have built 2 complete drums for 120 bucks, OPPS again I forgot the fire basket, I already had that so not sure how much going price is right now. But when ever I do the second I am going to use a metal 5 gal bucket instead.



Ok I guess if you used frig magnets for the vents and a bucket for the basket, the original lid and buy a grate you would be at 30 bucks. Add another 30 and you have the second rack and domed lid.


Just an update pan, I have to lay my weld glove over the top vents to shut down the fire. Thats ok tho, when I weld I smell smoke now, in a good way of course. Gotta hate it when you smell smoke and its coming from your own cloths.

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hmm you would think you wouldnt have to cover the top vent, i dont cover my 2inch pipe and just by closing the intakes it kills the fire, its all good

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