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April Sandwich Throwdown Runner up with HEAVY, HEAVY QVIEW

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I would like to thank the Academy for the all of their support during this entire competition. I want to Thank the local supporters, my parents, my wife & most of all.......................

Wait. That's right, I came in second. Well, it was a good run. Here is my entry for April's Sandwich throwndown. "WARNING, WARNING, WARNING." HEAVY QVIEW COMING!!!

Okay, enough with that.

This is my entry for the April, Sandwich Throwdown. I call it "The Smoked Meat Lovers Special". It consists of an apple smoked pork loin stuffed with an apple smoked lamb laid over an apple smoked beef roast. The spread or dressing if you will, was a roasted vegetable paste. The sandwich also had pepperjack cheese, tomato & avocado. All this was sandwiched between two pieces of homemade baked raisin bread. First, the bread. We start with the ingredients,

Add & mix, threee cups of warm water, two packages of yeast, 2/3 cup of honey, 4 cups of unbleached flour, 4.5 cups of wheat flour, One TBL of salt, Three TBL of melted butter, 3/4 cup of soaked raisin's, soaked to re-constitute the raisins & the cinnamin & brown sugar were "Eye Balled". That is what I call it when I don't measure. I eyeball it til it looks right to me.

This is the cinnamon being added.

Ready to Knead & roll.

Three links to weave together,

And of course, two were made. I love freshly baked bread.

And brushed with butter.

After 15 minutes, brushed again.

And Done @ 350 for 40 minutes.

I opened the lamb before thinking about a picture.

And the seasoning for the lamb. The one on the end is kosher salt.

And the boneless beef round roast.

Lamb washed up, seasoned & tied.

Beef washed up & dried, ready for seasoning. I used wifey's creole seasoning.

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Lamb after 3 hours of apple smoke @ 235°. Pulled @ 144°. It was perfect as my wife love's
well done & I like medium.

The beef was smoked a little longer @ 5 hours, pulled @ 170. Smoked at same temp of 235°.

And the star of the show. Half of a pork loin saved from a couple of weeks ago. The first
loin I just smoked. This one was for stuffing.

This is the loin cut. For those of you who don't know how to do this, you start from the top end,
slice downwards & roll away to the right (or left for lefties), & continue the cut.

Slice & roll.

Slice & roll.

Continue with the slice & roll.

Until complete.

Now, the trick here is to keep checking, with every cut, the thin or thickness of your slices as you may slice too thick & have a harder time rolling your loin. If you like the thick cut, then it won't be a problem for you.
Loin seasoning, fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions sauted in evoo & mozarella cheese for stuffing.

And the lamb sliced, cut & added.

Then rolled, seasoned & smoked about three hours or so with apple @ 220.

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Roasted vegetable spread.

Potatoes for Fries.

Thank you for looking & voting. I hope I can bring the heat for the next throwdown.
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I would say u brought the heat with this entry !!!! Tha's a winner in my book...Absolutely awesome job !!! points.gif
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After all that work you earn points
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well that's alot of work you did there!! looks like a winner to me for sure and the homemade fries are the only way to go nice job!!!
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Looks good

Should any of your neighbors ever relocate please let me know mate..... I would move there in a second as long as you invite me over for supper once in a while.....

Love the homemade Chips (fries) that's the only way to go, the kids love my chips down in Louisiana, i always add a little salt while frying,

The bread looks fantastic, my best effort at bread has resulted in something that looks and smells great however should you want to weigh something down under water then my bread is the way to go......

Love the pic's just a shame i cant taste the goods....

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That's funny!!!! Thank you for the comments sir. (And yes, fish & chips are one of my favorite meals.)
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Those pics look great.
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Caveman, you even baked your own bread! My hat is off to you bud. Win is well desrved. Likker looking Qview as well. If we had beer emoticons I'd pass you a virtual beer! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you Sir.

Heck man, If I could of, I would have smoked it!!! Thank you for the comments.
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Beautiful Sammie...points.gif
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I thought it was awesome, even before I saw all the work that went into itPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
points.gif-----to you Caveman !

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My thoghts exactly, great job Anthony.
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Holy Doodoo! Now that involved some work. Points for the great looking sammie. points.gifSee even a caveman can do it! Sorry, just had to say that. icon_cool.gif
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That sir was a work of art! A true thing of beuty! You had me at "Lamb stuffed pork loin"... lol. points.gif
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Thank you Sir.

Yes sir, Man / Woman fries are always the best. Thank you.

Thank you so very much Sir.

Yes that was a lot of work. But that sammie was sooooooo Good! Thank you very much Sir.

Coming from a proven smoker veteran as yourself, your compliments are highly appreciated. Thank you Sir.

Of course you had to throw that in. LOL! Thank you Sir. Yes, Cavey can hook up some stuff.

LOL!!! I hope I can get you with the next throwdown as well. Thank you very much Sir.
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dude that is one nasty looking sandwich!!! good thing you only get one pic cause if we saw the whole thread you would have taken this month
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