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THe build of the Smoked Colossal Hawaiian Burger w/Qview

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The build of the stuffed Colossal Hawaiian Burger w/Qview

Thanks to all who participated in the Sandwich throw down. It was a fun reason to lay down some smoke and come up with a new burger my kids are really digging. That said here is the build.

3 lbs ground beef mixed with .5 lbs maple sausage. Smoked and pulled chicken mixed with caramelized sugar & cinnamon apples. The BBQ pulled chicken is placed on top some Mozzarella on a big patty. BBQ sauce is drizzled on top and another layer of cheese and then the top patty is placed on and the edges pinched and sealed.

The patty then gets a mopping of the caramelized apple juice followed by BBQ sauce and thick sliced bacon. Its then smoked @ 230 until the internal temp reached 165 degrees. It's placed on Keizer roll and topped with 3 smoked pineapple rings and coleslaw with pineapple chunks and juice.

The BBQ sauce was 1 bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s mixed with equal amount of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and 3 tbsp brown sugar. It’s then brought to a simmer and cooled.

This thing is a big burger with BBQ delight oozing out with each bite.
Here is what went on to build it.

HD Video of Prep & Smoke

Injecteing the chicken with cherry dr. pepper

BBQ pulled chicken and apple stuffing

The build begins.

Mopping on caramelized apple/sugar/Cinnamon juice.

Got to have thick sliced bacon!

Just off the cooker.

In all its glory! It was an amazing combination of flavors.
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Hey man, that was a great entry. Looked fabulous as well. I must try that one day. (My smoking list is so, so, so long. biggrin.gif)

Of course, I must throw some points at you, so DUCK!!!!
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That may be the best looking burger ive seen in a long time... Awesome job !!!points.gif
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If I'm not out of points you got mine bud !!!!!!
Holy toledo that is a burger.....way to go !
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Man those look good, certainly earned points
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.... lets see... Portland, OR to Tacoma, WA is 143 miles... if I drive at 90-100 MPH..... Rob I should be there in time for dinner tonight!! biggrin.gif

Great looking burger you got there sir! Thanks for sharing.
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Man oh Man, I gotta quit looking at the posts on this site. There is only so much I can eat, but I keep getting new ideas for things I just got to try. This is one of them.
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Great lookin entry! There's some points on the way. points.gif
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wow!! that is a great idea and looks good.thats for sharing
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Lotta calories and fat in dat'?? icon_rolleyes.gif
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