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B-School BBQ Blowout - 95lbs of pure goodness - QView

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A friend and I are throwing a BBQ this Sunday for our class. Most of those in attendance have never had real southern BBQ or even BBQ at all! I've done single butts and briskets and even a butt and brisket at the same time, but never this much!

We're doing 4 briskets (8-9lbs each) and 8 butts (8-9lbs each). We have two upright smokers, but will have to do the briskets first and butts second. The briskets are rubbed in a mostly pepper based rub while the butts are in a brown sugar/paprika based rub. We're using mesquite wood to for the briskets and hickory for the butts.

Brisket Plan
Start at 6am tomorrow morning. Brisket fat side down. We left a decent amount of fat cap (1/2") since we'll be reheating them the following day. Mesquite wood and smoke to 170' with an apple juice, cider vinegar, and spiced rum spray every hour or so after 6-7 hours. At 170', foil with some of the juices and spray and continue to 190'. Pull and let rest in color for an hour. Separate point and flat, re-wrap flat, and put back in cooler for another hour. Cube point, re-rub, and smoke for 1-2 hours for burnt ends. Pull point out of cooler, slice, put in foil pan, cover with foil, and put in fridge for Sunday. 3 hours before BBQ on Sunday, take foil pans out of fridge, cover with defatted brisket juice from smoker, and reheat at 200 for 2-3 hours. Serve and enjoy!

Pork Plan
Pretty standard. Butts are rubbed now. Have decent fat cap on them. Start them tomorrow night after brisket is done. Smoke with hickory wood. Smoke till 170' with sprays every hour after 6-7 hours. Wrap in foil with spray and then continue until 200'. Pull and place in coolers for 1-2 hours. Shred 2-3 butts in advance and bring the remaining to the BBQ to shred there. Finish with a bit of finishing sauce and serve!

I'll try and post some pictures and updates over the next two days. Picture is shot of fridge with all meat rubbed and waiting for smoker tomorrow!

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Wow!!! Ambitious!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hell of a smoke. Cant wait to here how this marathon turns out
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Everything going strong. Briskets are cooking much faster than I thought. At 166, 165, 161, and 160. May wait until 175ish to foil as I want to get a really good bark on them.

Attached are pictures of the 4 briskets before smoking and of the two smokers in action. Don't hate on the propane. It's great for beginners (just started in the fall) and for busy people (student). As soon as we move back down south, I'm getting a real, large horizontal charcoal/wood smoker.

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wow good luck can't wait to see more picks, I bet you have loads of fun
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More pics...briskets looking good.

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Man thats a ton of meat.
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Yum, yum, I want me some!
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All briskets are done and have been in the cooler for an hour. Just pulled the first one and separated the point, cubed, re-rubbed, and put back in smoker for burnt ends. We'll see how they come out!

First taste of brisket was outstanding!

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Updated pictures with burnt ends and finished briskets.

All 8 butts are in the smoker now. (See pic of 4 of them in one.)

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Man, I am dying for another brisk. points.giffor the effort dude!
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Nice job and that meat madness! biggrin.gifpoints.gif
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WOW, I have that ECB propane smoker too and never though you could load it up like that.

That is some sweet smoking action! Where is your class? I need to take a sick BBQ day!! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Major points.gif
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Awesome job! That brisk looks first rate! I'm sure the pork will just as good, great job!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin' good points.gif,
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Outstanding job brandonb! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Started last fall... you would never know it by looking at the briskets.
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wow!! looks great..really nice presentation as well!!!
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Awesome Job. Enjoy.
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burnt ends look great, nice job
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WOW, Looks Great... Nice Job...points.gif
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