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need help trimming ribs please

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Im trying my hand at smoking st louis style ribs, but im lost. I even read the tutorial. What do I do with this flap on the underside of the rib by the knife handle. I already removed the membrane.

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Remove the flap

Heres the comment from Bbally's tutorial

"Now the first thing that has to go is the damn flap of muscle and silver skin
on the rib. This always needs to be trimmed off. Save it for Chile
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thanks piney so much, now I have to do the cartlidge cut that is alot of damn meat getting cut off, but that is the way to do it, then it will be done.
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Here is a video, pretty easy.
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Save that meat your cutting off and smoke it too. Use it as a snack or for adding to the baked beans and stuff like that
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Use a good sharp 8" Chef knife or a cleaver and the cartalidge cut is easy. Use your hands and bend the cartlidge back and forth, feel along the bones till you find the point where the bone ends and the carlidge starts (right where it bends). Cut right along the base of the bones and you are done biggrin.gif

Yes that is big piece of meat you cut of, but here is the good point. Rub the trimmed off piece and smoke it with the ribs. The trimmings will be done about 3 hrs. into the smoke and I usually use about 1/4 of them to make some sandwiches and/or cook snacks. The rest either get cut up and used in baked beans, or pulled, vacuum packed, and frozen for use in various other meals.
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thanks everyone

Thanks for all the responses. Ron after watching that video, i realized I will have to do a little more cutting along the cartlidge tommorow. But not to bad for my first round at it.
This one im proud of

this one needs some more work

scraps for the smoker, then im drying dutch's baked beans tommorow

All rubbed down with lysanders hickory rub, used almost a whole bag that stuff is my favorite.
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You just have to feel where the joint is kinda like knuckles and use a sharp knife and cut right through it, after a few times you will feel it, use the force luke!!
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lmao that was to funny, im hungry, cant wait to start the smoke tommorw afternoon.
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