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First Fattie

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I got my Maverick ET-73 in the mail today and decided I needed to give it a try. I did the boiling water test and all was good so I decided to make a ham and cheese fattie for both my first attempt at a fattie and my first trial run with the new thermometer.

Here it was when I put it in the smoker. Sorry for the lack of pics during the prep but I didn't have time to take any.

Pulled it at 165*.

Here's a shot of the inside (some of the cheese oozed out when I cut it but I shoved it back in before eating it) ......... got a pretty decent smoke ring and it was pretty tasty. Definitely not an award winning fattie but as a first attempt, I'm pretty satisfied with it.

The Maverick thermometer rocks and was well worth the money. icon_smile.gif
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points.giffor your first fattie of many more to come i'm sure !!biggrin.gif

PS..I did a fattie last weekend and used the string cheese for the first time, it seems to hold together better and not melt to liquid....
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Thanks. Yes, I'm quite certain there will be many more fatties to come and I'll have to try the string cheese out soon.
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points.giffor that first fattie. That cheese tip was right on time. I hate when my cheese disintergrates on the reheat.
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Cheese string, good idea.
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Nice lookin fattie, looks like you are doing great with the electric gourmet.
Such great memories...
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