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Rest. Depot had a price jump on BB ribs since I was there last. I was paying $2.49-$2.79/lb. Now they were $3.01 - $3.29/lb.

I got a 3 pack of the sale rack for $3.10/lb.
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just in time for cookout and competition season.
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Kroger's had them on sale here last week for $2.79, back up to $3.79 now.
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Safeway has them onsale for $2.69 today. I bought a case which was 14 racks or meaty BB ribs.
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Local Hannaford carries 2 lines of BB's regular label for $5.99/lb and All Natural "organic" ribs normally $6.99/lb that have been on special for $2.99/lb for the past week. Picked up 3 2lb+ racks for about $19. Normal price usually $3.99/lb at places other than Hannaford.
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Ill see what RD's prices are like next Friday when I go to pick up my ribs for the next days competition. I didnt mind paying a few pennies more for the last batch from RD, they were meaty, and really good like usual.

I did see some of the "enhanced" BB ribs I wont touch/use @ Wal mart for $2.99/lb on Saturday.
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Sam's in Omaha has BB for 2.97/lb and spares for 1.97/lb both in the trhee pack.
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Last batch of "true" baby back ribs I bought was 25 bucks for 12 racks frozen.

Regular back ribs I usually pay about 7-8 bucks for a rack which weighs around 2 lbs.
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pretty much all pork has gone up in the last few weeks
price fluctuates when the grilling season gets into full swing in the midwest
supply and demand I guess
i make allot of sausage and pay about a buck a pound for pork butts most of the time
last 80# case I bought 2 weeks ago was 1.45 a pound.
curious to see what RD has them for next time Im up there
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good points lar,

I am curious to see how much the recent increase in pork prices is going to effect the whole pig I am getting in a couple weeks. I was quoted $150 a couple months ago for a 90-100 lb. local pig.

edit: just got quoted $1.59/lb, for the whole pig up about $.09/lb from February when I was pricing it out originally. not bad
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Just picked up BB's at the local Hy Vee at $2.49 lb., best price I have ever seen around here for baby backs,,,
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Rib Sale

For those of us in the midwest, Hy-Vee has a two day sale going on today and tomorrow for their Red Hot Weekend special.

Hormel ribs are $1.89/lb. Limit 8, I was there at 8 this morning getting my case (8) and pretty sure could have taken 2 or 3, the checkout kid had no idea they were even on sale, but in all fairness I'll head back soon and get another case for the freezer :-)

Enjoy those ribs!
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Bought a 30 lb box of 2-2.25lb Baby backs today from my company-Brotherton Foods in San Angelo, Texas at the lowest price that I have seen in quite a while-$2.09lb. Just got through rubbing them down-I'll send a pic of the final product tomorrow!
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I just payed 2.89 at Sam's
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Just picked up a mess of baby backs at Costco for 2.99 a pound, and the had spares for 1.49 a pound. Can't wait for dinner tonight.
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