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Babyback Rib Pricing Question

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Where do you live and what is a good price?

I live in Wisconsin and just paid 4.99 a pound for baby backs at Festival Foods.

Does Sams have better prices?
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Yikes, 2.99 here at Sam's.
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I live in Winona MN and we usually pay 3.99 to6.99 a pound for good baby backs , However last week i found some good ribs for 2.99 a pound and really thought i got a buy.
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$2.99 is about as cheap as they get most of the time here. Once or twice a year we'll see $2.49. I have 9 racks of babybacks in the fridge I picked up at sams for $2.97 for tomorrow.. And 3 racks of spares @ $1.97..

I prefer the spares myself. But i can fit more babybacks on the smoker.
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I knew I paid too much. Another lesson learned. Tha'ts why I posted. I knew something was off.

Thank you.
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Ya gotta keep an eye out for those meat sales, places go nuts when pricing baby backs because they know they are a hot selling item and they can get away with it.
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lol.i saw baby backs at 6.99 a pound here at winn dixie earlier today...Thank goodness for the RD card biggrin.gif
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I haven't checked lately but I know I usually get them at Costco at 2.99/lb. I'm in the midwest (Omaha), if that makes difference.
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Average price in Oakland County, Michigan seems to be around $2.99 lb on any given day. Spares are always $1.99 somewhere around here.
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Tallahassee, FL and normal around here is $4.99-$5.99 with the occasional $3.99 on sale. Never seen them below $3.99 here. A little west of here I have gotten them for $2.99.
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Baby Backs are usually 4.99-6.99 around here. Up near camp they are usually 3.99-5.99 although sometimes we catch them on sale for 2.99
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Are they fresh or frozen?? Frozen seems 2 me cheaper than fresh?
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There is a meat distributor about 30 miles from me where I buy almost all my meat. Baby backs are $2.99, some of the other meats are a little higher than the sales around me. Best part is that it is all very high quality meat. That is worth a few extra cents a pound to me.
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I'm in the Marshall Mn area, local HyVee had them on sale for 2.99 lb., usually run around 3.99 to 4.99 lb.
Going to make some this afternoon for the mother in law and wife for mothers day,,,,,
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depends on where I shop, and what kind of ribs.

Wal-Mart /Jewel/Dominicks/Meijer, etc seemingly always has crappy enhanced ribs for $3.99. I dont touch these. PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

Restaurant Depot has good IBP ribs for $2.79 lb, and as low as $2.49 lb in 3 packs

Whole foods has all natural ribs for as low as $6.99 lb., and as high as $9.99 lb.

One local butcher has local ribs for $6.99 lb

another has em for $4.99 lb.

I watch a couple local grocers who have fresh ribs for $2.99-$4.99 depending on sales.

RD has the most consistent prices, and the most consistent quality
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Just bougt babyback from sams yesterday about $3.00 a lb. Restaurant depot had spares 4.5up on sale this month @1.57 if you buy a case and who wouldnt buy a case?
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In Portland Oregon we get them for $2.99 a pound at Costco. They are cheaper at cash and carry but I prefer the Costco ribs.
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we've got a local butcher that sells a 15lb. box of spares for $15.95.
I haven't tried them out yet though.
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Around here, Syracuse, NY area, you can pay as much as $4.99/lb, I'm usually able to get them at "Aldi"s" for $3.49/lb, however we have a restaurant type store called Maines & I just picked up 2 - 10lb case boxes
for $17.99 each = $1.79/lb. They are frozen and are cut into 4-5 rib sized pieces.
This is for Baby Back ribs.

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A local butcher is selling spares for 89 cents a pound. I bought 30 pound case. That should keep me busy for a while.
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