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That is going to depend entirely on your smoker concerning factors such as its size and its thermal efficiency and what temp you set for cooking. Even the weather enters into it.  Essentially there is no way for anyone here to give you an honest answer to that question unless they have a smoker like yours, the weather conditions are similar and you use the same temps. Only then you can be in the same ballpark or the same church if still not the same pew.  

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I just bought 10 bags from the Walmart in Medford. The manager told me 2 pallets are coming in next week.

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Originally Posted by RickW View Post


 Royal Oak in a blue bag?

In Canada anyway. Red bag is briquettes.

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Originally Posted by AK1 View Post

In Canada anyway. Red bag is briquettes.

We have both Lump and Briq in Red Bags around Walmart its Lump, but Menards red bag RO was briqs and Green Bag RO was lump.  I bought 5 bags of the green stuff and will be putting it to use this weekend.  I normally use Red i will see how it compares.



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Listen folks, this ain't rocket science.


We're talkin bout Royal Oak lump charcoal, not briquettes or anything else. Not in any other color bag or made anywhere else but the USA.


The made in the USA Royal Oak lump charcoal comes in a red bag and it says that it is "Made In The USA" right on the back of the bag under the yellow patch in black ink on red and in fairly bold letters. You will not need your reading glasses to see it.


You have to stuff that comes in a red bag, one that says that it is 100% Natual Wood Charcoal in a few places on the bag both front and back and also has "Made In The USA" printed on the bag and the brand again is Royal Oak.

This is the good stuff, the only good stuff and the stuff that eveyone is talking about. Find it, buy it and stock up if you have to. It's the real deal and worth it. 


I don't care what else you may have, what color the bag is, where you are or who may have made it, it is not the stuff that we are talking about unless it meets all the critera above.

If you have Royal Oak briquettes, the word briquettes will appear on the bag regardless of color.  If it does, put it back on the shelf cause it ain't the stuff we're talkin bout.


Here it is again. Now repeat after me.


1. Royal Oak,

2. Red Bag,

3. 100% Natural Wood Charcoal (their term for what we call lump)

4. Made In The USA


Now that wasn't really all that hard, now was it?


From what the web site says, their lump in other color bags is made in other countries out of other kinds of wood species that is available in those countries. As such it does not have the same flavor etc. as the hardwoods found here.


My guess is that the lumps are probably also smaller due to the extra shipping and handling involved from the longer transportation distances involved. 

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

I use to get RO at Kmart very cheap. Now they don't carry any charcoal at all. "confused"

UPDATE. Kmart in my area now has the RO Charcoal back in stock. I'm a happy camper and gonna stock up before they change there mind again.

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ok wallyworld has this RO 100% lump in PA....does it burn hotter then kings blue bag regular briquets....i've read bout RO being the best and gonna stock up....right now i use the home depot two 20# bags for 16 buck deal of the kingsford charcol.............bob



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One of my local Wally Worlds ran out too and I almost ran out. A scary thought. It was a good thing that another local Wal-Mart had it. I got four bags. Maybe I should have got more but I have a space issue to deal with. 

I know of one other place to get it local but he is only open on the weekends and his prices are kinda steep as he is a BGE outlet too. That's kinda like buying the oil for changing the oil in your Chevy from a Ferrari dealership.  

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