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Royal Oak - Red Bag

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So I finally saw some Royal Oak Charcoal in Walmart last week. Normally all I can get is Cowboy Lump or King's bricks.

Is this the good stuff? If so I may need to stock up, so I can mix it up with Kings.
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Here ya go Herky. Check out this site:
It's a good site if you are unsure.

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Perfect! Apparently I will need to stock up, if this is a seasonal item!
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Yup! Good stuff if you can get it! Here is OR it is very hit or miss.... icon_rolleyes.gif
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Yeah this is the first time I've seen it in the Walmart in Eugene. I'm going to have to ask them to notify me when they are going to stop stocking it!
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Get all ya can, good stuff.
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Red Bag

I got my first bag today. Can't wait to try it.
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the RO is pretty much all i use. my Super Walmart pretty much always has it though i prefer to buy the 17.6 lb. bags @ Restaurant depot for $8 when i can.
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Love this stuff, but it looks like the WalMart in Niles might be phasing it out. Stopped in last weekend to stock up, and none was on the sales floor. I found about half a pallet hidden by the potting soil and fertilizer. Looks like I will have to find a new source. I like buying the 40 lb. bags at Berger Bros, but they have such limited hours it is hard for me to get down there with my current work schedule. The Menards by me doesn't sell the red bag lump (at least last summer); they only carry the green bags, which I did not like as much.
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ive heard good things about Berger Bros. thought they are a little far for me to go simply to source lump. maybe Ill pay a visit on a day when i am heading down to Peoria Meatpacking, and the meat district.
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Now you have me worrying, I have always been able to get it at Wallyworld here. I usually buy several bags at a time so it dont have to make multiple trips. I wonder if I was just getting lucky?
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The absolute best charcoal....long burn times.
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I think its just a Pacific north west thing. They dont stock it during what everyone else considers "off" season. I was jsut excited to see it here.

If you get it normally it shouldnt be an issue. I just couldnt find Royal Oak between say... Oct - March :D
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Do you have a Lowe's up there? I know they stock some lump. Might be worth a look.
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well im confused now, it shows three different kind of royal oak and two have a crappy burn time and one is excellent , how do you tell which is what at the store will it say the country of origin on it?
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ok i see the pics of the upc codes i guess i would have to write it down to see which kind my store has
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I think the country of origin is printed on the bag somewhere. You want the good ole USA stuff and that's all you want.

It's way better than Cowboy which is chock full of little bitty pieces of stuff.
Cowboy is OK for preheating the smoker I guess and I suppose it's better than briquettes in a pinch. IMHO almost anything is better than charCOAL briquettes except for maybe gas or lectricity.
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I have been getting RO lump for about 3 months at our local wally world. It says made in USA.

I like the way it burns and the minimal amount of ash for the amount burned is nice. It produces a nice flavor as well.

It will be interesting to see if it is always the USA RO. To the best of my knowledge it has always been available there. Not a seasonal thing or run short.
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I did find the mesquite Royal Oak briquets and the Royal Oak lump at Bi-Mart here in Oreogon.... and according to the guy I asked at the store they carry it year round. Hope that is the case, then we can at least get the RO lump year round.
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If you all get a chance, try Mali's. I've been using that for a couple of years now and really like it.

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