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Pork brisket?

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Anyone ever smoke something like this?:

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I have never seen that cut at a store and if I asked most butchers I deal with for a pork brisket they would laugh at me. Most of them already look at me funny when I ask about pork bellies or ask if they carry any cure
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I don't think the NAMP recognizes a 'Pork Brisket' as described in the link.

416B (Pork Spare Rib, Brisket Bone) ~~ Consist of the Sternum, coastal cartilage and any attached meat removed from 416A (Pork Spare Rib, St Louis Cut)

Pork Brisket (Sternum, Breastbone) is what one removes when making St Louis Cuts from Spare ribs.

The guy is an idiot! -- Not only is he smoking...He's inhaling!

Edit to add: He probably wouldn't recognize a a piece of BBQed pork if you slapped him in the face with it......
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