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It finally came in!!!!

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I ordered a 80 Liter dehydrator from Cabelas in Feb and got it yesterday. It was a long wait but it is worth it. It is well built and easy to use. I am trying it out right now. I do have a question I am reading the owner's manuel. It says that you should put the meat in the oven and get it to 160. Then put it in the dehydrator. Do yall do this? I am using the Hi Mountain seasonings with the cure.
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I do not have one, but just wanted to say congrats!
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Thanks I do like making and eating beef jerky.
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someone can correct me if im wrong but i believe the reason they want you to bring the meat up to 160 beforehand is so you do not bring bacteria to your dehydrator so i would recommend doing this

and grtz on the purchase....wth took them so long?
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That is the reason to bring it up to 160 but this is the first time I saw this.

I don't know what took so long.
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Did I miss something? if you are making jerky do you really want tok cook it to 160?
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Congrats on the dehydrator Chris let us know how it works out. I'm still thinking about getting that model
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LOL that's way I am asking that question. That is what they have in the manuel that came with it. I don't do that when I make beef jerky.
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I still need to work on my beef jerky. But I can tell you that it is well built and works great. I am very glade I get it.
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thats what she said!!!
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