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New Smoker Prep

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I just had a question regarding anything that has to be done to prep a new propane smoker. I am picking up the Lowes model today, seems like a decent unti for what I need. I had read some where that it needs to be "cured"?? Any info would be appreciated as I am hoping to use it this wkend.
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Spray the inside with pam and bring it up to temp for a while. I did mine for an hour or so.
Congrats on your new smoker.
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When I bought mine from Lowes I seasoned it with hickory for 4 hours. You can also put some really cheap meat like bacon or something like that in it which you can also sample while it seasons.

I would suggest spraying everything on the inside with PAM or some other cooking spray before starting the fire.

Also make sure that all the vents are open all the way and you run the smoker as hot as it will get.

Really you can get away with not doing this, but it's a good habit to get into as you graduate to different types of smokers.
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hey indyadmin1974,
Sorry to thread-jack here.. but I checked out your photos and you have some nice looking Que! I also noticed your stuffed jalapenos! I love stuffed jalapenos and have been making them with just cheese for awhile, on the grill. How long do you smoke them for in your smoker? I see you're stuffing them with sausage and some you have wrapped in bacon.. looks awesome!

I noticed you're making cornhole in your garage! Right on! I built one of those last summer for friend and family bbq.. great way to pass some time while waiting for the food!

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just follow the directions from the manufacture.......
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