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An Invitation from S. Louisiana Gathering

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SMF Members and their immediate families are invited to the first
Southern Louisiana Gathering!

When: October 8-9-10
Where: The farm of Alblancher -PM Al for specific directions. A general map has been posted in this thread.

Some fine southern BBQ is planned as well as Gumbo and Breakfast Sausage making demos Friday afternoon and evening. The gumbo and sausage will be part of the menu that night and the next morning. If ya have never made gumbo or sausage this is a good time to get your feet wet!

We are asking all participants to provide one side for one of the meals. Please contact eman (Bob) to coordinate side dishes so we don’t have 10 sides of beans! LOL Everyone should bring their own beverages but coffee, water, and Kool Aid for the kids will be there.

Facility Info: Al and his wife’s farm have full bathroom facilities and water. Limited electrical is available. If you are bringing a RV please contact Al well in advance. He can make temporary electrical available but you should carry water on board and no dump station is available on the site. A kitchen is available for final prep of sides if needed. There is plenty of tent space. Bring your lawn chairs.

We encourage you to make a voluntary donation either once there or to ShooterRick via PayPal. Use the send funds option in PayPal to rliley@yahoo.com and memo S.LA. If you know you are coming and can make the donation in advance you will help offset the out of pocket expenses of the hosts and give us a firmer head count. You do not need to make a donation to participate so please come regardless.

In order for us to purchase food quantities please RSVP by reply to this post at least 2 weeks before the gathering.

Main Menu, S. LA Gathering

Friday Supper:

Gumbo, grilled Sausage, French bread, tater salad. - I do know several folks that would like a Gumbo making lesson. Target serve time 6pm to leave time for sausage making demo, prep of butts and briskets for Saturday, and socializing in general.

Saturday Southern Breakfast:

Sour dough biscuits, homemade breakfast sage sausage, grits, and scrambled eggs, homemade preserves.

Saturday Lunch: Finger Foods.

Crackling fry, Chicken wings., Moink balls, and ABTs,

Saturday Supper:

Pulled Pork and Brisket, baked beans, Participants’ sides: Any leftovers.

Sunday Breakfast:

Homemade cinnamon rolls. Baked grits with left over cracklings, pulled pork, cheese and jalapeños.

Ya all come and enjoy some southern food and hospitality.

If you have any questions contact ShooterRick, Eman, Alblancher, Bayouchilihead, or Mbally3011. These folks will be happy to help you if they can and this event could not happen without there efforts, time, and financial support.
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S. Louisiana Gathering Location Map General

If you are coming please contact Alblancher for detailed directions by PM>

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Sounds like a recipe for a great timePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

The gumbo make me wanna be there.. my wife is from south LA and I learned what good eatin' was when I was down there for 5 years back in the late 90's

Man that spread of fixins' sounds good!!
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did ya have to beat her to get her to move to Oklahoma?
Come on down and join us for the gathering. Would be real nice to have the BOSS in the house.
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Man that sounds great guys. I wish I could go around and hit all of these gatherings. Have a great time!
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I would second emans invite Jeff. Come on over and have a great time!
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South Louisiana gathering

I know we have a good size group of folks on the site from Louisiana.
We need to here from y'all.
You don't have to get involved w/ the logistics or planning (unless you want to!) But we would love to hear from you and for you to bring your family and pass a good time.
Anyone wanting more info can pm me anyone wanting to bring your favorite side dish ,It doesn't have to be smoked or bbq it can be aunt hazels squash casseroll. I for one like to have otherstuff to eat besides smoked.
If your favorite side is smoked then bring it!
Anyone that wishes to bring a side to the gathering ,Please contact me so that i can cordinate and we won't end up w/ 5 dishes of the same thing.
Please come see us and help make our first gathering a success.
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I've had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with the hosts of this Gathering and can guarantee that this will be a LA blast that folks should want to travel to. Make the plans to have a nice weekend of good 'ol LA hospitality, fine food, and good friends.

Need to check on a couple things (such as remaining vacation time @ work) before I can 100% commit. Will take care of that stuff this week.
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Wish I was still living in LA,,,,I would be there. Looks like it is going to be a great time with some awesome food.
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Just out of curiosity, are there hotels in the area if those that might want to attend aren't into sleeping on the ground?
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I believe so Laurel. I think if I remember the closest motel is about 15 minutes away but Al will have better details.
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The nearest hotel is in Angie, LA about 15 minutes away via country hwy. There are also 4 or 5 hotels in Bogalusa 25 min away but it is a papermill town, and a small hotel in Franklinton about 20 minutes away. I will try to visit the nearest hotels this weekend and then let you know just how clean and nice they are.

BTW, If you don't bring your own trailer and don't want to sleep on the ground we have couches in the living room not claimed yet and "The Turtle" We lived in "The Turtle" while building the house so at one time it was habitable but we will open it up this weekend and see what shape it is in now.

Hope you can make it, Liz and I look forward to seeing you again.

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I also have two air mattresses and a tent not laid claim to yet you are welcome to reserve.

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Al, I really want to come over but that is so far invance I don't know if I'll be around. Do you have SAT for the Bama game? Just trying to get my ducks in a row. If I can work it out might try and grab a ride from some of the FLA folks that have to drive by my house. Loved the Craw fish!
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Come one, Come all!!! It will be good times and good food. I am excited to have a chance to meet some of the people that share this great hobby/addiction.

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I have direct TV with the New Orleans channels, espn etc. Just remember that LSU plays Florida that weekend so I would guess if the local channels got to choose the LSU game would be on. I'll try and check times and channels but being so far out there may not be a final schedule. Since BAMA will probably be 0 - 5 by then ESPN will pass on their game and you'll have to watch the Tigers make Gator Gumbo.

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You guys play South Carolina and the time or channel has not been announced.
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If you decide not to camp out or bring a trailer Liz and I checked out the local hotels for you. Great Southern Motel in Angie LA is $ 60.00 a night but they have discount cards to bring the price down to $ 55.00. We check out the rooms and they passed Liz's clean test. This hotel is a bit better furnished than the next place in Franklinton. The new owners have been renovating the hotel. Dee Cole manager 985 986-2486. Angie is a small town north of Bogalusa and is located about 15 minutes to the east of the event.

Liberty Inn in Franklinton, LA is also a decent place to stay for $ 55.00/night. Microwave and Fridge in the room. The rooms are clean and hotel only about 7 years old. 985 839-4443 Franklinton is a larger town with full sized grocery stores. Franklinton is about 15 minutes to the South-Southwest of the event on the way to Covington and Baton Rouge
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Just a few notes to bring all up to date:  Al has been working hard on his farm to prepare the location for a smooth and fun event.  He has sourced some wood as well as finishing Sandy and I sleeping quarters!  Wow! Thanks Al.  Bob is coordinating sides and keeping us all informed.  Chet has lined up the cracklins and pots and burners.  Mark is bringing his Smoke Vault and OhYess!  I am bringing the Lang and bought a new pickup to haul it all in.  LOL 


All you Southern folk set this time  for a great time and vote in the poll.  If ya are from the North come on down and enjoy some Hospitality.  Yes the Oil leak is a disaster but we aren't goin swimmin so don't worry.  This area of the great ol US of A has seen its share of adverstity but these people are extremely hard working and resiliant.  Come one and all and show your support!    

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To be honest with you Rick.  If we hadn't had the oil slick you might be sleeping on the floor.   I'm not fishin in my free time so I'm working on the property.  Looking at BP's success shutting this thing down I'll be up there a lot the next couple of months since I won't be fishing anytime soon.




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