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Quick finishing of Spares on the grill

Poll Results: Do you finish your spares on the grill?

Poll expired: Jul 4, 2010  
  • 32% (17)
    Yes, I always/sometimes do.
  • 67% (35)
    No, I never do.
52 Total Votes  
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How many of you grill your spares for a bit after smoking?
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I have done it with good results.
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I guess I've never tried it, but I wouldn't be against it if they came out alright.
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why would you when they come out perfect without?
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Set the sauce especially a sweet one, it will carmelize it.
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Well, I have been grilling, but I really wonder if it adds anything to a great smoke....thus the poll. Thanks, ya'll!
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I am not sure that a grill could make these 100% smoked spares any better.biggrin.gif I used the grill for ribs before I learned how to smoke, but since I have had my smoker going the grill has hardly beeen touched, its been at least a year!
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I've used the grille a couple times to finish some ribs, most of the time it's just the smoker.
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sure have, Im always trying new things, and kind of like the char taste it adds. Of course I am only using lump charcoal on the kettle when I do it.
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I don't want to be bothered with firing up the grill (it's a charcoal one) when I'm smoking ribs (or anything else really) just to finish something off for a couple of minutes. If I already had it going for some reason then I probably would because I'm sure it would taste good to set the sauce that way as ronp has mentioned.
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Now in years past I have grilled spares on the grill and it's one of the reasons why I now smoke such things now. For one thing they are alot more tender and much tastier too. As far as the oven No never not gonna happen. I will always start and finish them in the smoker.!!!!
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i eat my spares dry. no sauce to set. sounds good though... icon_smile.gif
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I would throw them on the grill if I were to cook them a day ahead or if they had to be placed in foil for several hours and they were getting cold. Other than than I just pull them off the smoker and foil them a while and eat.
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yes well i dont sauce them anymore, i sauced em with an hour or so left and it caramelized and absorbed all the smoke and was bad.
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