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Smoking Boston Butt on a Grill Today

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I'm in the process of doing as the title says, and this is my first big smoking bbq icon_cool.gif. I'm also recording a sort of blow-by-blow in another forum (the one I started off with) complete with pics and am looking for comments and any help (posted here or there). When it's all done, I'll come back here and update this thread with a summary and some of the best pics.

You can see what's happening here (if no one objects biggrin.gif). Rich
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Many of us belong to other BBQ forums. No worries there!

Have fun!
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theres other bbq forums?
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I hope your butt comes out alright
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nice. welcome.we have fun here
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My first post in this thread alludes to a question about posting a link to another forum. I received a nice note from a moderator saying that my link was removed because that's not permitted. I'm ok with that though sorry there isn't a short cut to what was a good day "smoking" on a gas grill that has a minor modification to improve the smoke utilization. In brief, I was able to use woodstove gasket tape to block 3 sides so that almost all the smoke now goes out the back. That keeps the smoke going in one path from whereever the wood chunks are set to smoulder.

Later today I'll try to post at least a summary of that grill/smoking session with some pics. I chose to use and support the other forum for a similar reason that I have chosen to become active and and to financially support this forum -- that forum is more focused on grilling (and I have a grill) and this forum is more focused on smoking (and I'd like to get a smoker). No slight is intended for either group -- you just aren't covering the same things except by chance.

Sorta reminds me of the CIA and the FBI. biggrin.gif Rich
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Well, I think that since we have a grilling subforum here then it would be "bad netiquette" to take traffic away from here and send it to another grilling forum. Kind of like if you worked for Dell you wouldn't want to tell your customer about a great deal you found at HP. smile.gif

Anyway, I started out smoking on a gas grill with indirect heat also. I used a cast iron smoke box, and that worked pretty well for me once I figured out that you don't soak the chips first with those. My gas grill had 3 burners, so I'd light the one on the far left with the smoke box and water pan directly above it. Then I could fit a drip pan on top of the other 2 burners but still underneath the grill. I wasn't too concerned about smoke escaping because I always knew that it was a temporary solution.

I hope that your butt turned out well and that you took some pics!
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