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Mahi-Mahi over pecan wood Q-VIEW

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Here's a great tasting fish for a great value. Kroger has it on sale for $3.99 a pound. (2$ per serving) I marinate in red wine vinegar and oil dressing, lemon and pepper for about an hour or so. The rub is actually for King salmon butt good for any fish. This was grilled on my side fire box with pecan and it was fantastic!
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That is a great looking piece of fish - how long did you cook on each side and how hot was the firebox?
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I knew I forgot something! The fire was about 250 and it cooked about 5 minutes per side. You can go higher and shorter with maybe better results.
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Now your fish looks good so far and I have a question for you?? Did you get much smoke flavor out of the wood for the fish wasn't on there very long.??? Next doesn't the marinade start to cook the fish with all that acid form the vinegar.
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Hey mballi, the smoke flavor was fantastic and all the vinegar did was to add even more flavor. BTW, Mahi is a delicate fish with a very mild flavor. Not fishy @ all.

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I love grilled Mahi-Mahi. I usually marinade it in sesame oil and soy sauce, and grill it over high heat. Kid's and wife love it, and there are never any left overs. mad.gif
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Did you remove the skin from the other side?

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Grilled many a Mahi Mahi and boy are they good.........Yours looks great also.....



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They are a great fish, panfried,grilled. They dont freeze well.Thats a great price too.

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I use red wine vinegar in my marinade for tilapia before cedar planking them sometimes.  It definitely does some acid cooking, but I usually won't leave it in the marinade much more than 45 minutes or so.  It barely acid burns the surface in that amount of time.  I'd have to assume it would be similar for mahi mahi.


Your mahi looked awesome.  Gonna have to try something like that out sometime.  Did it pick up much smoke flavor in that short of a time?


*Edit*  Just noticed I was commenting on a two year old thread that recently got bumped.  Funny.

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