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WSM 18.5" Convert

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On Saturday my beloved gasser went belly up:

So yesterday I found that the deal on for the WSM 18.5" was still in effect (239.99+free shipping)

So I took the plunge after talking to the wife and it's on the way!

Here is the link to the site. They also have a pretty good deal on the 22.5" too:
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nice deal. welcome to the WSM gang.
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gratz on the find. i've heard alot of great things about them.
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Congrats on the new smoker sure lots of people around here using them
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Great deal, you're gonna love it!
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Grats... you will love the WSM, very hard to go wrong with it. Awaiting your first WSM Qview! PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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She runs a bit hot the first few smokes

Some info you may already know:
- For recpies, how to use (foiling water pan) and mods (handle mod is nice)
- If you want a replacement door, although the stock one is fine!
- I have these eyelets and they are nice, and a cheap mod too.


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Thanks Herky! I'm wife thinks I should buy another one too because she doesn't think this one is gonna be big enough.

I want to, but I also want to take Fired Up up on his offer of the free barrel for a UDS.
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Congrats man, I'm sure you'll enjoy. I told the wife I want one for my birthday this year (next month), and she said I was nuts, because I'm a couple of weeks into my build. "What do you need another one for?"...

Women icon_rolleyes.gif

She said i could get it though biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Congrats to you on the WSM. Since the shipping is free, how long is it going to take for you to get it?
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Congrats !! As a proud new owner myself, i say u are gonna love it..... It's soooooo easy to control..Happy smokes !!biggrin.gif
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Any regrets?
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None at all.... I did a pile of food last weekend and everything turned out perfect..I did i my first pastrami and it was great..Gonna do 4 more this weekend... I let it burn itself out to see how long it would take... 17 hours after the initial lighting, it was still at 190.... Everything i cooked took the same time as it did on the lang.. The only difference was I slept for 8 hours !!! lol Im old and i need my sleep..
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