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Black Cherry?

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I hear mention of people using Cherry for smoking, but haven't heard anyone mention black cherry. Is all cherry one in the same? If not, is black cherry a suitable wood for smoking?

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I believe black cherry is the same as wild cherry. I may be wrong on that. But thats what i smoke with. Its quickly becoming my fav wood. Some also use choke cherry. I havent tried that yet.
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I'm with HDsmoke, wild or black cherry is excellent if you can get it.
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i love the wild cherry!!!!
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I would think it would be very similar to cherry wood which I use all the time.
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I use wild cherry wood now all the time because I got it for my fav price - FREE!

Used it on a pork butt, sausages, salmon and this weekend, chixen
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Cherry is cherry its all good
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well; black cherry most of the time refers to pipe tobacco or soda..which is darkened with food color
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The one in the middle is wild cherry, AKA black cherry-

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Thanks guys for the input.... I have plenty of Wild/Black Cherry seasoned and ready to go here, but wasn't certain about the situation.

Thanks!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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