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Stuffed Calf Liver

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I guess this could be considered a fatty of sorts, but here is my story and I'm sticking to it. We had a thread going a while back about liver. It is a given that liver gets about a 50/50 between yum and yuck. I wanted to try something on the smoker that was a new twist on liver and onions. This is what I came up with.

The basic ingredients. Liver, red onions, and mozzarella mashed potatoes with dry onion soup mixed in.

Potatoes piled onto a piece of liver for fold over stuffing.

Sliced onions slipped over stuffed liver.

Smoked for 1 hour 15 minutes @ 230 on the MES using hickory.

Sliced in half. Note the oh so pretty pink smoke penetration and the cheesy onion tater stuffing.

Love it or hate it, this was probably the best tasting liver I've ever had. Totally tender and not at all like the shoe leather I was served as a kid. We gobbled every bite with a mmmmmm. Thanks for looking!
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I'm not a big fan of liver, but I would eat thatpoints.gif

Nice job!
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Excellent!! Excellent!! Excellent!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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I love Liver, and that looks good
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I'm in the 50% YUM group....another liver lover, so I was eager to check out this post. I'd go for it -- don't eat liver much these days (as a kid we did all the time), but man I love liver!

PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif and points.gif for a great idea!!
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Yeah man that looks very tasty. I'm a big fan of liver myself. I grew up eating it but now no one but me want to eat it when I make it. Last time I made it I cut it into strips and deep fried it. Delicious. Now I've got another way to try it...


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LOL. Damn double post...
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That looks good but I have tried liver several times and I just can't get myself to like it. But if I would have been there I definitely would have given it a try.
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Thanks for the kudos and points y'all. It means a lot coming from folks like you.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifnice job... love LIVER!!!!
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Gotta love the liver!! Those look great!!!points.gif
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Well I am in the 50% yuck club! I gotta admit that you did a great job making liver look good, but I still don't think I could eat it.
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I used to hate liver, but I used to have this old lady that worked for me, she was from mexico, she didn't speak english very well at all. Some times I would give her tomatoes and hot peppers from my garden and she would make me a traditional mexican dish she called "igado" (spelling could be way off). It was like tomatoes and peppers and onions all cooked together with liver, then you placed on a tortilla, kind of like fajitas. I tried it once and have loved liver cooked that way every since.

Anyway now I like liver and you liver looks great!!
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no offence intended there personally atha,
but why you wanna waste some good onions?
I guess you know which 50% i'm in!
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Don't listen to him. He probably don't like spinach either! biggrin.gif
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sorry caveman, spinich is actually my second favorite vegatable right behind black eyed peas
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Wow! Liver & Spinach! I was raised on that stuff. I do Black-Eyes on New Year's Eve with some sliced onion & tomatoe.
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Not a problem man. I grow more onions than I can possibly use. Now y'all have got me thinking about smoked Rumaki, the appetizer from the 70's with chicken livers wrapped in bacon. Bacon, ahhhhhhhhhh.....
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