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I'm a newbi, been on here many times just finally decided to join. My neighbor so left me his old Brinkman Smoke'n Grill, im still a new at smoking, so i figured i'd take it better then buying one. I found out it is missing, the grate, thermometer, and water pan. Was wondering would it be worth buying the parts and keeping it, or just buy a whole new one. I have read on here that the ECB is ok for beginners, which I am. Appreciate any advise.
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You should be able to get the racks and water pan for about $6.00 ea.

As far as the thermometer, just plug the hole and get a good probe thermometer.
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got a great start with my ECB. worth the few dollars to set it back up and start smoking.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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what/how would i plug the hole, sorry if the question is silly but never quite been a handy man.
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Maybe a couple of large fender washers with a bolt and nut holding them together, or a cheap and dirty method would be to wad up a piece of aluminum foil and stuff it in the hole.
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Well I guess you can throw it away unless you would like the learn how to make some of the BEST smoked food that you will ever put into your mouth. So it's your call. Oh yea if you want ot learn just stick around here and you will. If I were you I would start with the E-Course it free and it will give you the basics on smoking meat. There's a link to it:
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definitely keeping it, i have read the ecourse thanks, i am going to get to stuff hopefully have it ready for this weekend so i can try it out...will try to get picks to put up...thanks for the info.
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