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So where are you all taking your pork off the heat?

What's the textural difference in the end result between 195-205 anyway?

I've always split the difference and done 200.
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I used to take mine off at 200-202 ish to let it rest to 205. Now I take it to 195-197ish to let it rest to 200.

Basic difference is well, less muchy texture. I also pull in larger chunks, say thumb sized, and this temp seems to allow for this. The meat doesn't fall apart as much so the thumb sized chunks hold better when freshly pulled, and I'm tossing the meat in its resting juices / finishing sauces.
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I used to go to 205 but then tried one at 195 and liked the texture better at 195, like Herky said less mushy. I also like the bigger chunks so its still like you are biting into a piece of meat.
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Basically the texture of the pull is differant. More fall apart at 205 than 195. At 195 youll get a more chunky pull like Herky said.
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After accidently taking a couple up to 210... I liked the results and now go to 210. I still get moist pork and it pulls apart easily with most the fat rendered down. I will also add I do inject mine as well as foil them @ 180.
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What he said...
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When I see 190* on the Maverick which in the thickest part, I do a few quick probes with a Thermapen...If I see 195* in a few spots....Of it comes to rest....Being a carnivore I like my meat with a little resistance to the tooth...It's what I find pleasurable about eating meat...In fact I pay extra for that privilege...If I want mush I eat smashed tators...They're alot cheaper, and a hellavu lot easier.
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On a slight side note, I do find to get the same sort of texture with the pulled meat with beef (chuck) I find I do have to take it higher, to say 200, before resting. I'm not sure why but those few extra degrees make a difference.
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When I first started smoking pork butts, the general rule of thumb was 195° to slice and 205° to pull.
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I'm hearing today that 175* is sliceable...I really dunno 'cause I don't slice them.
I do know that in the 195*-200* range they very pullable!

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I take my butts to around 200° maybe alitle higher if I have the time. Then I do pull it at that temp but I take my butts to about 195° for slicing. I like it sliced alot too but some folks like our kids the first ham/shoulder I did. Oh that's not ham it's gray ham is pink????
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In the dozen or so that i have done( i know its not that many) i have noticed a huge difference from 195-200 in the way the meat falls apart it seems at 195 it takes alot more effort to pull (shred) . So now we go to 200 all the time, we seem to like that better. just my thoughts.
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for pulling it has worked out best for me at 205. I was amassed at the difference form 200
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I take it to at least 200 and have gone to as much as 209. I haven't had any problems with mushiness and always get good bark. I don't foil and smoke the butt fat side down.
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Last couple I did I went to 205*. I think I'll go to 190* next time and let them rest longer, trying for a more firm outcome.
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