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My Birthday Brisket - QView

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I decided that I wanted to make another brisket for my birthday dinner. So I asked my wife to pick one up at Sam's yesterday.

Last night, I gave it a mustard treatment and gave it a good rub down with Jeff's rub after I scored it a little. Once the rub was on, I injected it with apple juice an wrapped it up tight and let it set in the fridge overnight.

This morning, I pulled it out of the fridge and unwrapped it. Gave it a second rubdown with more of Jeff's recipe and let it rest and come up closer to room temp while I got the smoker ready.

Once I had smoke, it went in. I am looking forward to having a good home smoked birthday dinner!

I just added some more chips (Pecan and Mesquite mix, 3:1), and gave it a apple juice spritz. Man it is looking and smelling good!

More pics to follow later!

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Looks good from the picture.
Happy Birthday and have a great meal PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birrrrrrthday!! Enjoy your Brisk & of course, have a sip for me! icon_cool.gif
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Have a great birthday smoke!
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Thanks guys. It's getting close!

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Oh boy getting close. Better mix up another drink or two and relax.
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Happy Birhtday!! What a great may to spend your bithday - Smoking icon_smile.gif
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happy birthday

Happy Birthday Hannibal.

Hey, how do you like that thermo? I was thinking about purchasing one..
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Birthdays are always better when smoking. Happy Birthday
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Yes Happy Birthday to you and I think you should just enjoy your day like you are I'm sure. SMOKING everyting is looking good so far.
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Thanks guys for the birthday wishes.

Here is some QView of the final product. I had a great birthday dinner with my family. My wife, mom, sister, brother-in-law & I all loved it.

Using Jeff's rub on it and injecting it with apple juice really gave it a great flavor.

Like my username indicates, "I love it when a plan comes together."

On the plate with a little sauce. Served with fried potatoes, onions and carrots & a slice of garlic bread.

I had a big ol' slice of my mom's amazing cheesecake for desert, but in all my excitement I didn't take a pic of it first! (Sorry)

There were two things I would do better next time:

1) I left the fat cap a little thick. I trimmed it to what I thought was 1/4 inch, but after I cooked it I realized I was wrong. It was up to 1/2 inch in spots.

2) I pulled it out at 195, I think I would have rather pulled it out at around 185 to 190. I wouldn't say it was overcooked per se, but it could have been a little less "done" for my liking.
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Stop thinking about it and just go get it. Seriously, it is a great investment.

I bought a cheaper one and used it once before I orderd the ET-73 by Maverick. I took the cheaper one back.
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Did you think it was a little tough? If so actually cook it longer could make it more tender. Also did you wrap it in foil and put it in a cooler with towels at all? Glad you had a great B-day meal with the family.
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Happy Birthday and enjoy your day
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No it was very tender, but it seemed a little dryer than the last one I did.

As for the foil/towel/cooler... no, I let it rest for about 20mins then cut and served it.
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I highly suggest giving the foiling and rest in the cooler a try and see how you like it. Both of mine have been so juicy doing it that way.
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I will give it a whirl, thanks. I thought that was just what one does when it was ready sooner than one was ready to serve it icon_question.gif
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Nope its not just used to keep your meat warm it lets all the juices redestribute throughout the meat. I usually have a puddle of juices under the meat when I pull it out of the cooler. I usually double foil it so I don't get any leaks then put it in the cooler for 1-2 hours. I also normally foil my butts and brisket at around 165 and put them back on the smoker until they hit around 200. That is when they go into the cooler for a nice rest.
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Happy Birthday and nice looking Brisket. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks, I will try that next time.
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