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What to do with trimings from st louis style ribbs?

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Greetings team.
Im going to smoke two whole beer can chix and four slabs st louis style ribs on my offset smoker tomarrow icon_smile.gif I just preped the ribs tonight and now I have about 2 pounds of rib trimings that I dont know what to do
with. Can I smoke em too? What do you guys do with the spare meat? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
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You can cook them and eat them if you like but my favorite is to season them with salt, pepper and a little garlic, smoke 'em up and then freeze until I make a batch of chili and throw them in the pot for added flavor and meat.

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I usually seaon mine and smoke them along with the ribs and eat off the trimmings to see how the actual slabs of ribs are going.
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Mmm.... Both options sound good.... I think I ill try both solutions. il mak sure to take some shots for qview. Thanks again.
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"rib trimming" nachos PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I usually smoke them with the ribs and call them food for the cook during the smoking process. Or the beans is a good idea for them too.
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Mark doesn't call them "trimmings". To him (and many others) they're called "samples".icon_wink.gif
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I would say the food for the cook idea is on the right track. Of course, if you have a bunch, smoking them for a side dish like the beans or to use later like the chili is a great idea too.

I guess the final answer would be just don't scrap 'em. Smoke 'em and consume them somehow.
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I throw em' out. icon_wink.gif

seriously now, I smoke the rib tips for a snack. the skirt gets smoked for a snack, or to be used in some beans, or ABT's. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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the snack for the cook works for me... but for beans and other dishes works too. i know of a person who got a buncha them from some guys who were doing a comp, trimmed them up and made sausage from them.
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Cook snacks and toss some in my baked beans, that usually takes care of all of it.. lol.
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Pack them in plastic, and dry ice, then PM me for an address to send them to. biggrin.gif
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Makes good sausage as E suggested.
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I have just recently started doing ribs and I decided to use the trimmings or tips to test new rubs and sauce combinations. I like this...always a surprise...keeping track of what's what is kinda hard though...toothpicks I think...
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I take the scraps and smoke em throw them on tortillas with avacados, lettuce, tomatoes, etc and have pork fajitas for lunch and then the rack comes off perfect time for dinner. Make a whole day outta it icon_smile.gif
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I put my trimmings in my "Wicked Baked Beans". If I'm doing a lot of ribs, some go into the beans and the rest is snacks for me.
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I cook them up and use them for taco al pastor later in the week.
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Pick off the meat and add to macaroni and cheese along with a can of peas and you've got an instant meal.
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I almost forgot. Brunswick Stew.
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oooOOOOOoooh...recipe please...
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