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chuckie question

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me and the rest of my bbq team are having a friendly little throwdown on saturday. everyone will be cooking 2 racks of spares and an "other". one guy will be doing turkey breasts, one some sort of fish, one...i don't know, and i was gonna do a chuckie for beef flavor. i would do a brisket, but don't wanna be the guy that shows up still smelling of smoke and passes out after cutting his ribs, so a chuckie? how does it compare to a brisket flavor wise? will it be easier to keep moist? any help would be SUPER!
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i made an executive decision. I'm gonna do pulled chuck roast. i will marinate the chuckie's the night before in brown ale (New Castle, Santa Fe Nut Brown, or something similar) with my brisket rub infused. i will lightly rub with said brisket rub an hour before putting on the smoker. spritzed with apple juice and brown ale.
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People LOVE the pulled chuckie meat everytime I cook one.

I usually rub the night before with a brisket rub (like Cookshack), then inject the next day before throwing on the UDS.

I would suggest injecting the day of cooking with a mixture of beef broth and this stuff..promise it will be a hit
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Dale's rocks!! I love that stuff!
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Dale's is good stuff... i only used it a handfull of times, but it was yummy!
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Now I think your way sounds better but then I'm not a fan of dales at all. So good luck and I'm sure the guys will like your chuckie.
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