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New Stainless smoker

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I am starting to build myself a new bigger smoker. It is made out of a big stainless steel double insulated culture oven. I will post pics as soon as I get it done. I am trying to decide if I want to make it wood, gas or charcoal. Gas is awfully nice and convenient. Thoughts?
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Well since I use gas I will say Gas. I know we all have our opinions but really it is what do you want
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go gas! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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what ever works best for you I'm a watt burner myselfPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I too am gasser so I say GO GAS young man.
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I'd say gas with a smoke generator for those pork bellies!
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Why not both?

Just an idea, I made my heat source removeable. for higher temps i run gas, for long more controlled leave it alond sausage i use a electric element.

I use a smoke generator for both setups. still getting some kinks out of it but so far so good.
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I am a Gasser according to my wife. Oh oh we are talking about smoking sorry. The build I am planing will more than likely be electric. Just my two cents
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I've got gas..... (Go ahead, throw your replies at me !!!). By the way, a guy I know has a propane business and his personal plate on his pickup reads - GOTGAS

Originally I set up years ago for electric and reaching 250ยบ was next to impossible and recap after opening the door was very time consuming. About 6 years ago I set up a retired 7' stainless steel commercial fridge with gas and it has done well for me. Last summer I added a thermostat, electronic 12 volt converter to 120 volt to an igniter for the pilot light. I am really liking this set up. So far it is a set it and forget it besides adding wood.
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Electric+charcoal can be done too.
I do that in a converted GOSM type smoker.
You put the electric coil above a small bed of charcoal and wood chunks.
The coil starts the coals and gets the wood smoking, and then you adjust temp by switching power on and off to the coil. An ordinary oven thermostat could be used. Depending on the insulation value of the unit, a 120v element like one from the Brinkman electric might be sufficient, but gutting an old household oven might be fairly simple.
A heat sink made of some fire brick around the area of the heat source will improve recovery time for when the door is opened.
You can set a steam pan above this heat source to fill with hot water and catch drippings from the meat.
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