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Babybacks On The UDS - QView

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BB’s were on sale this week at Fry’s. $1.97/lb! I stocked up on a few racks, and decided to cook two on the UDS. Cooked with Hickory Kingsford (70%) and Hickory woodchunks (30%).

Since I didn’t rub them overnight, I thought I’d try setting the rub w/o using mustard for the hell of it.

Smoked between 225 and 240. I put them on at 11:40 am, foiled them at 2, firmed them up at 3:45, and off the drum at 4:45

[FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']GREAT PRICE for somereally MEATY BB’s[/font]

Removed the membrane from the middle this time. It works really well for those of you who have only tried from one end to the other

Pulled off uniformly in one try

Here is where I normally would mustard them up…

Good rubbing

Setting in

On the drum at 11:40

Foiling ingredients, with some brown sugar topping

Here is rack #2..Rack #1 got devoured before any pics were taken.

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Super meaty


Grilled up some corn later on, and had a scoop of white rice with it

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Great looking ribs there.
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$1.97 lb!!! Great price!! ~~~ Lookin good!
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Very nice looking ribs
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I was shocked at this price. I know I will regreat not buying a dozen
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Nice meaty ribs right there with a nice soft smoke ring. points.gif
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Thanks Caveman
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Looks great and the price too..... I'll be getting a 10lb case for $1.79 /lb on Wednesday !

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Nicely done Thunderdome! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice ribs.......when my girl came in with 2 racks i said that's all ya got?
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Nice Rack um Ribs... Yaa Thats it
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Great lookin ribs the pullback!
Likin the drum are ya? Me too!

Did the package say those ribs were injected??? Just wondering? the kroger lable looked like it said something about having a percentage of solution in them....That might explain the cheap price?

Not to be a killjoy. just trying to help.
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Babybacks are my favorite. Those look awesome. Now I need to make some.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Now those are some mighty fine looking ribs you have there Thunder and thanks for the tutorial on the membrane removal.
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I didn't look that close..hmm.

But, they're the same packaging/label as they usually are.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif GOOD JOB points.gif
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