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Crab Apple Tree

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I am cutting down my crab apple tree. I am tired of all the small un eatable apples in my yard. I was wanting to keep some of this wood back for smoking. Has anyone used this wood before? It it worth keeping?
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The wood is applewood....crab is the fruit. I don't see a difference in the smoke quality from that of a prize-winning large fruiting tree. Applewood was my favorite to use in the electric smoker since 1982! smile.gif

I would keep all that I could...

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Yes I use it on a regular basis and is as good as the regular apple trees
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Crab apple makes an incredible jelly. My Mom used to make it with a recipe from my Grandma. I wish I had the recipe AND your tree.. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

She used to make jelly out of just about anything. My favorite is a mock strawberry with rhubarb.

Hmmm.... Thinking.... dandelion wine, crab apple jelly on sourdough biscuits, goulash... shucks, now I'm hungry...

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It's Apple, use it. Apple is Apple as far as wood is concerned.
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