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Recommended Barbecue Tool Kit? (possibly apron?) - Page 2

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I agree with all above and would add

Spritz bottles for apple juice/bourbon/etc spritzes.
Squirt bottles for homemade sauces.
A good cutting board to cut ribs on, pull pork on, slice brisket on, etc.
A long slicing knife for brisket is helpful as well.
A charcoal chimeny if you have a charcoal smoker.

And most importantly... A cooler and ice packs to send me samplesbiggrin.gif.
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I have three pair. The first pair is for anything smoking hot.

And these but I don't do a lot with them because of heat transference.

And last of all, my babies. I grab & transfer meat with these, plus, if I want, can cut.
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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

Silicone brush for wet applications, A good pair of tongs from a restaurant supply, a good pair of gloves and a dozen various thermometers. But most important, BEER.

I agree with Meateater on the tools and He is a Man that understands the Plan!!

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Anyone who is looking for a small pocket type thermometer ,And like me, Just doesn't want to drop the cash for a thermo pen needs to check out this product.

Google , comark PDT300 . water proof /-58 to 300 deg F +/- 2 degrees.

 I believe it sells for $19.95.

 I use mine alot.

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Funny Marc should mention the Tshirts - I have "converted several shirts into SMOKING SHIRTS"   and I should be fair that not all the stains are from the smoker cause I do have 1.3 acres and while things are smokin I may end up doin yard work or changing out a garage door opener ( 2 weeks ago) --


I also have several pairs of tongs in various sizes and some hitemp gloves. I also have an instant read ( not a thermapen but it was a gift) thermo 


One item everyone failed to mention - if you are smoking on the patio - put something down in front of the smoker so you don't have to power wash your patio like someone I know

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Originally Posted by chefrob View Post

long heavy tongs.........and as i found out this weekend, where shoes or sandals. thoes lil' hot buggers (coals) hurt like hell!!!!

Did ya learn yerself some new dance moves?

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I love using the stuff from Man Cave - it's heavy duty and pretty reasonable for the quality...I've been using my set for a couple months now.

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