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Thanks, MooseDude!
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me too. i have the same weber too!!
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Its just a deposit. You get your quarter back when you return the cart.

The ribs look great.
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I'm with erian and I have never seen theses boneless beef ribs either. But you have done one fine job on them too. Now what's in your Bbq sauce if you will share??? Now you have an old grill I used for years growing up and learning my craft of grilling. Hell for years if I wanted hot food it came off the grill.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yeah, you put a quarter in to get a cart, then when you put the cart back, a quarter pops back out. It pretty smart when you think about it. Nice way to get people to put the carts back. Their lots don't have cart missiles that bash into your vehicle during a thunderstorm.

Note: they also charge for bags. BYO bags.
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Thanks, Matt, mballi!

The bbq sauce is ketchup based. (Or catsup. I can't remember.)

Mixed in are brisket drippings, some red pepper, paprika, garlic powder and some of "grampa's cough medicine." (aka, bourbon.)

Simmered on the stove in a saucepan for a while until thick enough. You can use it thin as a glaze.
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Every now and then you get enterprising young kids who volunteer to return your cart for you. (They get the quarter.) Kinda cool, I think.

Keeps prices down because Aldi's doesn't have to pay a guy to round up the carts.

I don't mind returning mine. I can always use the exercise!
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It all looks great. I like the recipe for the beans. Great use of the Kettle. points.gif
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Nice job on the ribs! Did anybody else notice you started with 10 ribs, but only 7 made it to the table? Always a good sign!

Thanks for the bean recipe, too. I'll be trying them soon.
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LOL, Andy thought he could pull the wool over our eyes----Not when good lookin' smoked meat is involved! Now he'll probably try to say the neighbors dog ate the other 3!biggrin.gif

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Thanks, CaveDude!
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LOL, Cueball and Bearcarver!

My wife and I had a few "samples" before I crisped 'em!

Dang, y'all are too sharp!
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BTW, Aldi's near us has BIG Butterball turkeys for 99 cents / pound!
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